5 Fun Fall Activities In the Philadelphia Area

Most people would say autumn is one of their favorite seasons. Personally, I love go kart racing on a nice Spring day, but hey, to each his own. The fact is, there are a lot of poeple out there who love autumn, and that is just awesome. And to honor you, we decided to create this list of fun activities for you to do this season.So if you want to get out and enjoy life in The City of Brotherly Love, try these 5 Fun Fall Activities In Philadelphia. Continue reading

The Perfect Daylong Date Includes Indoor Go Kart Racing – Part 2


This is the second and final part of my blog series about the perfect daylong date in Philadelphia. In the previous article I laid out the first three steps of the process as well as provided some context for the correct situation to use this date. Here is a quick reminder: as the date plan is quite long, upwards of thirteen hours in entirety, you want to make sure that you invite the right person. Also, as there are six steps, you may want to make sure you have enough money to finance the entire date. (You never know how your date wants to be treated. Some people enjoy being taken out. Other people prefer to split the check. If you are enjoying yourself, always offer to pay. If they stop you because they prefer to contribute, excellent news. If not, no worries.)

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Modern Go Kart Racing Can Be So Much Fun


My friends are always trying to get me to do lame activities. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true. They are just always trying to get us to do the same things. We watch football at the same house each week. We go to the same bars. We play cards with the same people. We are young guys, but somehow we have already gotten ourselves into a boring routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, and I love hanging out, but I really wanted to mix it up. That is why I decided to research group events for a place where my buddies can hold our annual fantasy football draft. And it turns out the perfect option was right under my nose. I had heard about go kart racing at Speed Raceway for a long time, but I had never been there. So I went there on my own to check it out, and it absolutely blew me away.

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Fun Things to do Around Philadelphia that Both You and Your Kids Will Enjoy

Philadelphia marks a city of adventure and entertainment, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities. For a taste of hot happenings indoors, here are some fun things to do around Philadelphia that both you and your kids will enjoy.

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Dominate the Track With These 6 Go Kart Racing Tips

Many people think that since they have a drivers license or play racing video games, they’ll naturally be excellent at go kart racing. Anyone who has actually been to an electric go karts track can tell you, it’s harder than it looks. But for first-timers attending a birthday party or corporate event, you may want to skip ahead on the learning curve to get an advantage on your friends and colleagues. Nobody wants to be last place! Read some of our suggestions on how to dominate on the racetrack! Continue reading

Go Kart Racing: Electric Is The Way To Go

When it comes to the go kart industry, there is some debate as to whether electric go kart racing or gasoline powered go kart racing is best. Some people prefer to race exclusively outdoors and in gas powered karts. They want their racing experience to seem as authentic as possible. Other people prefer to race indoors on electric vehicles. They like the temperature controlled environment and the peppy acceleration. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is quite clear that the future of the industry is heading in the electric direction. Read on to learn why electric go karts racing businesses like Speed Raceway are now setting the gold standard in the industry.

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Want to Know Why Go Kart Racing Is So Great?


Go karts are simply a smaller version of the professional racing cars, such as those used in Formula One and Indy Car Racing. They race on similar but smaller tracks. They were first created in California in 1950s by Art Ingels.

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Going Pro In Go Kart Racing

If you’re a racing enthusiast and hope to succeed in the sport sometime in the near future, follow these tips and you just might get there!

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My Bachelor Party Will Include Go Kart Racing and Whiskey Sipping

I have gotten to the age where it seems like all of my friends are getting married. Well, that isn’t quite true yet, as I have only been to one of their weddings, but they are all getting engaged. I have been to my first bachelor party, and it was pretty great. It was in D.C. and extremely low-key. To me, it was almost perfect. But it got me thinking about what my perfect day would be. There would have to be food, and lots of it. There would be go kart racing, and there would be sports and beer of course…

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What NASCAR and Formula 1 Can Teach Us About Go Kart Racing


First off, let me state that go kart racing is easy. It isn’t very difficult to sit in a chair, press the acceleration pedal and steer around the track. It is however quite difficult to be able to do so like a professional. As you probably know, racers aren’t rewarded for simply finishing a course. It is all about how you do so. How many turns did you enter and exit perfectly? How many straightaways did you capitalize on? How many seconds did you waste? For those of you that aren’t racing enthusiasts, you may not know the basic pieces of advice that we learn from observing professional NASCAR and Formula 1 racers. That is why I put together this list of tips to help you maximize your go kart racing skills. And for all of you that already feel like a professional, feel free to come in and try these tips out at Speed Raceway.

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