5 Overlooked Occasions Companies Should Be Celebrating

The holidays are over, which means many companies think that they don’t need to worry about hosting an event for another year. But the holiday season isn’t the only time to host an event! Here are five overlooked occasions companies should be celebrating:
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The 5 Things You Need For an End of the Year Party

So you’re in charge of planning your company or organization’s holiday party. No need to stress out or worry. Speed Raceway has you covered with our Go Kart racing packages that are perfect for any corporate and/or social event. Here to help are the top five things you need for an end of the year party:

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Every business owner and manager knows that employees who work well together are happier in the workplace, and generally they assume that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees. Businesses hold corporate team building events specifically to foster team building and camaraderie with the hope and expectation that the event will lead to increased productivity in the workplace. Some companies might think that putting a good team together is an art instead of a science. However, a 2012 study has scientific evidence that team building in the workplace does have a direct correlation to increased productivity, suggesting that fostering team unity is more science than art.

The Harvard Business Review study shows corporate team building increases company efficiency. The researchers looked at a variety of industries: “Ultimately, our research included innovation teams, post-op wards in hospitals, customer-facing teams in banks, backroom operations teams, and call center teams, among others.” Even though they looked at a diverse range of industries and workplaces, the conclusions were static. Teams that engage with each other socially are better at communicating with each other, which in turn leads to increased productivity throughout their workday.

When the researchers examined the data they had collected from their test subjects, they “found that the best predictors of productivity were a team’s energy and engagement outside formal meetings.” This is a key concept. Simply offering a place for your employees to get together outside of the workplace isn’t enough to optimize their efficiency and productivity. Their levels of energy and engagement in non-workplace settings are the best predictors for how productive team members will be once they’re back in the workplace.

The researchers also concluded that the best way to foster a successful team is through face-to-face engagement as opposed to teleconferencing or email. Employees have more energy when they meet face-to-face than when they are on the phone or responding to an email. A face-to-face meeting that engages the employees is the most beneficial mode of communication and leads to increased productivity over a meeting that is more of a lecture or presentation than a discussion. A corporate event that fully engages employees is a great way to energize employees and foster communication among team members, which will lead to increased productivity overall.

The buzz around corporate team building, then, is legitimate. According to the study, employees have a higher rate of productivity and efficiency when they engage with each other in a social setting. It is important, then, to plan a corporate team building event that is more than just a day out of the office. A successful corporate event will energize employees and allow them to engage with each other and with the activities provided at the event.

For information on how we can work with your business to create a corporate event that energizes and engages your employees so that they can become better communicators and more efficient employees, please feel free to contact us at any time.



Oh crap, it’s December and you still haven’t even started thinking about your annual corporate holiday party! Just how quickly can you plan a holiday party? No need to fear! Speed Raceway is here to help. Give us three days, and it will be awesome:

Day 1:

Get management’s approval:

This shouldn’t be too hard. After all, you always have an office party this time of year. Convincing management that you have found a great location that offers catering, corporate event planning, and more fun and excitement than last year’s karaoke debacle should make this step a piece of cake.

Set a date:

Gather up your co-workers and the rest of the office party planning committee to decide on a date for the festivities. Is this office only or are you planning a weekend or evening event that will include families? Make these decisions early so you can book the right kind of corporate event the first time you call a venue.

Day 2:

Find a venue:

Speed Raceway will obviously be your leading choice of venue, but you can go ahead and call around just to make sure we’re the right pick for you. Feel free to call us or stop by to get a free tour and consultation before making your final decision.

Find a caterer:

Speed Raceway will give you a list of top caterers we’ve worked with successfully in the past. Simply choose one, set up your order, and let them know where and when to send the food.

Choose activities:

Any corporate event should include more than just standing around awkwardly eating food and trying not to gossip about the boss. Make sure you have at least one or two activities planned out. We already have two in mind: go-kart racing and playing in the arcade. Done and done.

Day 3:

Finalize bookings:

Finalize your reservation date and time with the venue and the caterer.
Send out internal invites to all co-workers: Email is the easiest way to get this done, but you can get all fancy with hand written invites if that’s your style.

Sit back and take in all the praise:

Go ahead and take all the credit for planning the best holiday party your company has ever seen. We’ll be sure to let them all know it was your idea.


To learn more about how Speed Raceway is more than capable to handle all of your corporate event needs, please feel free to contact us at any time to get started planning your company’s holiday party.


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