Why Your Next Team Building Activity Should Be Axe Throwing

September 25th, 2019

If you’ve worked with your company long enough, you’ve probably experienced all sorts of team building activities: lunches and dinners, scavenger hunts, Jeopardy!, etc. While these are all fun ways to boost teamwork, they’re also really outdated and overdone. Why not try something fun and exciting for a change? 

Join Speed Raceway, the best place for group events near Camden County, in an axe throwing session. Axe throwing is the hottest team-building activity on the block. Companies from all different industries are using axe throwing as an exercise in boosting team morale. Not only does it get the blood flowing for young and older crowds alike, but it’s also a great way to encourage communication, strengthen teamwork, and create synergy. 

A Group Exercise No One Will Forget

Whereas all other team building activities have been done a million and one times over, axe throwing is a relatively new experience for most people. The adrenaline of axe throwing, the indulgence of good food and beer, and the good company around you will make for unforgettable memories. We’re confident that even the most skeptic of employees will have a great time and talk about this for years to come. 

Friendly Competition

Nothing builds greater camaraderie than a little friendly competition. Individuals are bound to work together and cheer each other on in order to become the axe throwing champions. In addition to that, a relaxing and fun atmosphere will encourage people to get to know each other and create lifelong relationships. 

Catering and BYOB

As if this wasn’t already the best work event ever, we’re also inviting you to bring in food and beer (or wine!) to really enhance your experience. Our Event Coordinators will be happy to speak with you about the best catering options available for your team. Groups are allowed to enjoy beer and wine on the premises, but hard liquor is strictly forbidden for safety reasons. 

If you’re dubious that an activity seeming just slightly dangerous is right for your team, worry no more! Speed Raceway allows only highly trained professionals to safely prepare you for the best time of your work life. Contact us today to plan your next axe throwing party in Bucks County