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Why go-kart racing is a great bachelor party destination?

April 1st, 2018

Where should we begin? How about with why an indoor go kart track is a perfect destination for your bachelor party. First off, go-karts are an open-wheeled car that can be used both on outdoor and indoor tracks. The main difference between outdoor and indoor models is engines they are equipped with.

Indoor go-karts are more eco-friendly as they are powered by electric engines, so you can even tell your fiance that you are saving the planet!

Most go-karting centers offer the arrive-and-drive option that allows you to come to a track, rent a go-kart and drive. Recreational go-karts are safe and fun to drive because they are built for entertainment. Go-karting racing is the best way to get that adrenaline fueled rush with the appearance of a death defying racetrack, all while being as safe as can be. Sounds like a perfect entertainment for your bachelor party, doesn’t it? Oh, you need more? Then, what if the only thing your best man needs to do to plan your bachelor party is to make a phone call? Let’s get down to the point. When Speed raceway hosts events, we provide the full service: we provide our clients with catering service, comfortable private rooms, the necessary safety gear like helmets, gloves and driver outfits for your friends to be comfortable and feel bad-ass. Moreover, how often do you get the chance to get all your friends together, with food and drinks to boot, all while competing against each other in go-kart racing? Nothing can compare to the emotions and thrills you will get on the go-karting track.

The best bachelor parties ideas you can use in your city.

So, you’ve got your list in hand of the friends that you want to have at your party, and maybe one or two you’re bringing from the bride’s party. But how do you get them all together? In Horsham, PA and Cinnaminson, NJ you can find a multitude of ways how to spend your bachelor party in a big group. We have highlighted some traditional party ideas that come first to everyone’s mind when planning a party.

  • House party. There is no place like home. Hosting your bachelor party at your or your friend’s house can be money saving idea. You don’t have to overpay for services or pay for event organization and rent. You just have fun with your friends. You can play board games or video games eating pizza. Though, it sounds mostly like a teenage party rather than a bachelor’s.
  • Bar/pub/karaoke bar. Simple and traditional way to celebrate such event as a bachelor party. You can sing songs, play pool or darts or whatever bar or pub is provided with. Raising glasses with your friends to your happy marriage in the relaxed atmosphere might be what you need this day.
  • A night in Vegas. The two most important notes about a vegas party are as such. First, you’re not going to get everyone to go due to costs but those that do go are going to have quite the ridiculous time. At least, what they can remember of it.
  • Backyard feast. Outdoor activities are seasonal options for a stag party but they can add some neat options to your list ideas. Cold drinks, food on the grill, fresh air and friends seem like the perfect grounds for a party. Add music and you will get a backyard resort. The only thing to decide left is... who is manning the grill at your own bachelor night? Let’s hope it’s not you?
  • Paintball. Who knows what kind of relationship you have with your friends. If you’re all the competitive type then go karting may be for you, but if you wanted to mix that with a slight hue of masochism, paintballing may be the right pick.

However, when planning an outdoor bachelor party you have to take into account weather forecast. Otherwise, you’re going to find your steaks wet and your paintball course littered with mud covered friends.

Why Speed Raceway is your best bachelor party destination.

The Speed Raceway tracks based in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ are perfect venues for any event, especially for a bachelor party. First of all, when choosing our company, you or your best man do not have to worry about trivial but important things like food and drinks, Speed Raceway will take care of it. We provide full-service packages so you and your friends can feel as free as they would at home. Secondly, to make you and your friends feel even more comfortable, we provide 8 comfortable rooms closed to the normal arrive-and-drive folks to make your must-be-remembered occasion quieter and more private, or to get rowdy in a private space to keep your soon-to-be wife from hearing. Thirdly, our tracks are indoor, which make it an all-season bachelor party venue. Finally, it’s something that you and your friends can do to raise your adrenaline levels while secretly keeping them safer than if they were starting a raucous in a bar.

We built our tracks following an F1 track style so now your guests and you can feel what it is like to be in an F1 racers shoes driving our electric high-speed go-karts. After races are over, we will print out your stats and some other interesting facts for your group.

What else to do at Speed Raceway.

If you think that Speed Raceway offers nothing more than go-kart racing, then did you even read this article? Speed Raceway is not just a go-karting track, it is an entertainment center that offers a wide range of activities. If you and your friends somehow get tired of go-kart racing, here you can find games and arcade machines to all tastes from Air Hockey and Pool Tables to a variety of arcade games like Terminator Salvation and The Walking Dead. Is it even possible to get bored with all these options? To make this day more memorable, we have photo booths to take pictures so that you can remember all the best, silliest, most fun moments with you and your friends. As you can see our entertainment services are all you would need for your bachelor party. Where else can you benefit from an all-in-one entertainment venue and you don’t have to move from one place to another in order to change your activity. We are 100% sure that your bachelor party at Speed Raceway can become a perfect start of your bachelor night and the emotion you will get here you can share with your friends. Contact our event coordinator and schedule your unforgettable occasion in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ today.