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Why Go Kart Racing Is Cool Again

January 16th, 2018

In 1959, the first American go kart engine was created, bringing forth an open-wheel Motorsport to raceway circuits. Today, go karts continue to be reinvented, creating quicker and more eco-friendly methods to racing. Explore the resurgance of a classic activity, go kart racing.

The old-time sport continues to evolve, with Speed Raceway remaining a front runner on the East Coast. While their karts are clean and green, free of gasoline, acceleration doesn’t suffer from the eco-friendly change. The OTL Storm Karts carry drivers through the straight-aways and tight bends at heightened acceleration speeds.

The upscale racing facility remains one of the closest ways to experience real racing. Live-time scoring and scoreboards help bring the reality of racing to life for adults and children who want a quick adrenaline rush.

Whether you are looking for family fun or searching for a team environment for your next corporate party, consider go kart racing as an option. At Speed Raceway, competition and excitement interlock, creating an accelerating environment for family, friends and co workers.

Racing has been an American past time since the 1950’s, with technology advances only improving racers experiences. As toxins and gasoline are eliminated from new models and as advances create a more realistic and fast-paced experience for drivers, revisit the old idea of go kart racing. Speed Raceway continues to meet drivers expectations with eco-friendly karts.

For more information of the eco-friendly go kart racing at Speed Raceway or for more information about holding a corporate, birthday, or private events, please feel free to contact us at any time.