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What Your Plan of Attack Should Look Like When Go Kart Racing

January 16th, 2018

If you’re headed to Speed Raceway for the first time chances are you’re going to be a little overwhelmed with everything you’ll see and hear.  Many of our newcomers, while still having tons of fun, make some very predictable mistakes when it comes to go kart racing.  Because of that, we’ve decided to plan out what we believe is the best set of things for any newcomer to do at our track.

1. Register

When you first step foot through our doors, more likely than not you’re going to be extremely excited for our go karts and very impressed with the sheer size of our facility.  Don’t make the mistake of going straight to our track to check it out, but instead head up to the counter to get yourself registered in our system so that you can onto the track faster!  The sign-up process is simple and easy on our computers and will only take minutes!  Once you’ve done that and paid for your races, you’re ready to check the place out!

2. Tour the facility

Now that you’ve finished all your paperwork, it’s time to check out the Speed Raceway facility in all its glory!  Head over to the track to get a general idea of the turns and straight-away. Check out our video arcade and find a nice spot to sit down and relax before you get called up to the big leagues!  Make sure to watch the race before yours so that you can get a general idea of how fast go kart racing reall is and what sort of lines you should be taking through each turn.  Get ready!  It’s race time!

3. Get your gear and go for race #1 

Before you get to race you’ll have to sit through a quick safety and track rules overview and pick out your racing helmet.  This won’t take long at all and soon enough you’ll be sitting in your go kart getting ready to head out onto the track!  Your group will be let out individually at a decreased speed until every racer is on the track at which point your karts will be turned to 100% power and the race begins!  When first turning onto the track prepare yourself for that extra boost of energy by taking the same lines on corners and turns that you think you would at full power.  Put the pedal to the metal and be ready for the race to officially start and have fun, the first race is all about figuring out the karts and the track and less about how fast your time is.

4. Get your results, set a plan of attack, and go for race #2 

Once your first race is done and you’ve brought your karts back into the pit, take the time to go see how you did by getting a print out of your lap times and overall finishing place in the group.  Compare your times with others to see how you fared, talk to friends about how they dealt with parts of the track and figure out where you think you can shave the most seconds off your next lap time!  Once you’ve done that, it’s best to get right back on it, and take your second race while everything is still fresh in your mind!  Remember to implement your new go kart racing strategy in this race and work on the smaller things to try and lower your lap times as much as possible.  This second lap should show dramatic improvements and give you a better idea of exactly where you should be during the race, what lines you should take and how much power and braking you should be using in certain areas.

5. Get your results and take a break

Once you’ve finished up race #2, get your results and start looking for improvements.  See how you finished in the race and again figure out where you think you can improve, maybe have a few laughs with your fellow racers about a nice spin out or bump you had!  Once you’ve done that it’s time to take a little break! Racing is hard work, so make sure you get plenty of water in you and possibly some food to help you get that blood back to your face!  After you’ve refueled go ahead and stretch your legs a bit and maybe spend some time at our video arcade to relax before you start back up with the rest of your races!

6. Get back on the track and go for gold!

Once you’ve had sufficient time to refuel and relax, it’s time to finish up your races and get your name in the record books!  Strap in for your last race or two and remember everything you can about your best laps and how you made them happen.  These laps are for all the marbles so stay focused and push yourself and your fellow racers!  After the race, check your scores again and head toward the podium to crown the champion!

What may seem like a simple trip to Speed Raceway for some friendly go kart racing will almost surely turn into a competitive day at the track, trust us!  So if you’re headed over here for the first time, be sure to keep these tips in mind, you’ll thank us later from the top of the podium!