The Ultimate Stress Relief: Axe Throwing

October 29th, 2019

Stress creeps up on you and stays for ages; at least that’s what it feels like. And the more stressed you are, the harder it is to relax. Luckily, the ultimate stress relief is here. Axe throwing isn’t just for when boys want to be boys. It’s also ideal for anyone who needs to release some tension. This contemporary form of exercise requires individuals to engage with others in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which relieves all types of stress. And there’s no better venue than Speed Raceway if you’re looking to have the time of your life axe throwing near Philadelphia

The Exercise

Studies show that exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief. The science behind this lies in the chemicals that are released during a workout. Both light and rigorous physical activity produce endorphins, a chemical in our bodies that acts as a natural painkiller. When your body is full of endorphins, you release bad stress, have more energy, and feel good overall. 

Believe it or not, axe throwing is a form of exercise. From the moment you pick up the axe to the moment you let go, you are working out some part of your body. Your arms, in particular, get a great workout from throwing, building up your chest muscles, triceps, and lats. Surprisingly, axe throwing is a full-body exercise, working out your hamstrings and calves in the process. 

The People

Most people prefer to go axe throwing with a large group. Whether you’re bringing your family, friends, or coworkers, you’ll (hopefully) be surrounded by people you like. That in itself will help you feel better right away. Engaging with your party will take up a majority of your time as other people are throwing. You can release all the tension you’re holding in by confiding in your friends or putting it out of your mind and living in the moment. 

The Atmosphere

Axe throwing rooms are judge-free rooms. There’s no pressure to be perfect as most people have never even tried this sport before. It’s really one of the only public venues where you can just let loose, try something new, be yourself and have fun! 

Not only that, but axe throwing rooms are usually showered by positive attitudes. Even during friendly competitions, groups are encouraging each other on and cheering improvement. You may come in not being able to hold an axe, let alone throw it, but you’ll leave hitting your target and feeling a rush of elation. 

Don’t let the stress win. If you’re looking for an innovative location to host team building parties near Philadelphia and enjoy a night of axe throwing, go-karting and more, visit Speed Raceway!