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Planning any Birthday Parties in South Jersey? Try Go Kart Racing!

January 16th, 2018

Planning a birthday party can be hard work. Unless you want to shell out a lot for a party, you may need to put some thought planning a party that is both awesome and affordable. Luckily, the South Jersey area has lots of options for fun events for kids. Read below for some of my favorite ideas for affordable and yet totally enjoyable ways to throw your children the best birthday parties in South Jersey.

SHHHH, the Previews Are Starting!

There is almost nothing better than eating some birthday cake and immediately running and jumping into the pool. Unfortunately, it is winter, and there is way too much snow on the ground. So what is just as fun as a pool party and way less dangerous? A movie party is the way to go. Sure, we all have sleepovers and watch tons of movies, but this is way different. There is something magical about being in a theater and watching the lights darken and the previews start. Now, depending on the age of your little ones, finding a movie that appeals to them andyou could be difficult, but that is a big part of child parties anyway. My advice is to go see a Pixar movie if the opportunity presents. Almost everything they do is an instant classic.

Racing in Style

Go kart racing has come a long way. New age go karts are way more advanced than they used to be. The electric powered go karts of places like Speed Raceway produce an insane thrill. You can throw out the notion that these things are only for the wee ones because a lot of their clientele are adults. It is so enjoyable getting into these little mini-racecars and whipping around turns. Because the karts are so low to the ground, the kart won’t roll over. At worst you might bump into a rubber railing or spin out after taking a turn too sharply. The racetracks also cater to parties, so you have the option of renting a room and catering food or drinks. It is truly amazing how exhilarating it can be to do a few laps. Every second on each turn matters, so time seems to slow down. You get into the zone and let everything else in your mind go. Once you finish you are left with a lot of adrenaline and a pure sense of joy. Speed raceway has go karts for kids and adults, so you can have fun at any age.

Let’s Roll Dude

Bowling is classic. Bowling is almost always fun. If you can ignore the grimy floors, rented shoes, and seedy types of people that always seem to hang around bowling alleys, your kids are sure to have a blast with their friends. Bowling alleys are open year round and cater to birthday parties quite well, as it provides a large portion of their bottom line. The only real drawback is that bowling isn’t too exciting. If you love bowling and you do it often, you can certainly get into it. But if you are like most people who bowl maybe a couple games a year, chances are that it can get monotonous. You throw a ball. It rolls. Some pins fall down. Not too much is left up to the imagination. It is, however, consistent and cheap, and you can typically get everything you need in one place (even the alcohol for the parents.)

If your kid is having a party soon, I truly hope you chose one of these options. They are all fairly easy to plan, and they can all be a whole lot of fun. So if you are serious about throwing unforgettable birthday parties in South Jersey for your children without having to pay an arm and a leg, plan it around an activity that the will love, like going bowling or to a movie or taking your kids go kart racing.