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The Perfect Daylong Date Includes Indoor Go Kart Racing – Part 2

January 16th, 2018

This is the second and final part of my blog series about the perfect daylong date in Philadelphia. In the previous article I laid out the first three steps of the process as well as provided some context for the correct situation to use this date. Here is a quick reminder: as the date plan is quite long, upwards of thirteen hours in entirety, you want to make sure that you invite the right person. Also, as there are six steps, you may want to make sure you have enough money to finance the entire date. (You never know how your date wants to be treated. Some people enjoy being taken out. Other people prefer to split the check. If you are enjoying yourself, always offer to pay. If they stop you because they prefer to contribute, excellent news. If not, no worries.)

Also, let me remind you that you are free to take this date step by step. That is, you can tell them you have some things planned but not specify further, and as it goes well, you can keep moving on to the next step. If it isn’t going as well as it could then you are always free to end the current activity and leave it at that, and they won’t be any wiser. Remember, knowledge is power! And if someone doesn’t have fun during the go kart racing, then you probably don’t want to be dating them anyway.

Step One – Farmer’s Market – 10am to 11:30am

Step Two – Lunch on Larimer Street –11:30am to 1:30pm

Step Three – Indoor Go Kart Racing at Speed Raceway – 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Step Four – Happy Hour Drinks at the Oyster House – 5pm to 7pm 

Happy hour is an integral part of any afternoon date. Firstly, everyone getting off work provides you with an excellent opportunity to have some drinks on the cheap while providing a good amount of positive energy around you. You will be able to find amazing deals, so long as you catch the hours correctly.

The Oyster House is a great date location for a couple reasons. Firstly, the food and service are top notch. Usually, you are going to pay top dollar for this level of quality, but their happy hour discounts are great. All the draft beers are $3, and the raw oysters only cost $1. Now, I get that oysters aren’t for everyone, but if you like them, these are incredible. They are delicious, well presented, and fun to eat.

Step Five – Phillies Game at Citizens Bank Park– 7pm-10pm

Catching a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game is a wonderful way to spend any night, assuming the weather is reasonable and not raining and/or snowing on you. Ball games make great dates because, much like the farmer’s market, you get a lot of opportunity to talk. Watching baseball means a lot of waiting for a few highlights, so in between big plays, you will be able to learn a lot about that person. Do they like sports? If so, which sports? Did they play them when they were younger? Do they follow any teams? And if sports aren’t a big interest point, there are tons of things to walk around and see and eat and do inside of the stadium.

Step Six – Post-Game Dinner

This dinner location can be the most casual part of the entire date. At this point, you guys have done a ton of stuff together. You may very well be exhausted and choose to head home, alone or together. Or you may be riding the high of an exciting Phillies win and be up for the final leg of the journey, so if you guys are still hungry and down for dinner, find a good casual spot near one of your places. Optimally, the place will serve alcohol, so you two can keep the party going, but if that isn’t an issue for you guys, then just find a delicious place where one of you have been before. You don’t want to take any chances at this point. You guys have been through a lot today, and you want to make sure you end on a high note.
Upon completion of this dinner, you two have done it. You have gone on an incredible journey, and you will always be the person who took them on it. Now, just because you went on this date together doesn’t mean you are meant for each other, but it is a great start. You showed thoughtfulness and an ability to carry on a conversation right off the bat with the farmer’s market. Then you provided great food and some crazy go kart racing. Then you provided even more great food before and after the baseball game. Maybe that is how you make a great date? You just provide rounds and rounds of food and drinks until everyone is happy. Would that work for you? It sure sounds good to me.