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Why original Birthday Parties For Your Kids Should Be Top Priority

January 16th, 2018

Look, we know you’re a good parent. Borderline great, even. A healthy breakfast here, a PTA meeting there, and you even show up at your kid’s soccer games. It’s a wonder you’re not up for a prize! But the cruel facts of life regarding parenting say you will – like it or not – screw up, disappoint, or embarrass your kid throughout the year. Actually, if you’re doing it right, you’ll probably screw up, disappoint and embarrass your kid several times each month. Hey, it’s a tough job. The good news is, you can wipe the slate clean at least once a year. This is why outside-the-box birthday parties for your kids should be your top priority.

Reason #1 – You Make Them Eat Broccoli.

You’re a good parent, so you make him eat vegetables. Like, almost every day. Sometimes even broccoli that has been in the fridge a day or two past its prime. Come ON, Mom. It’s time to erase that memory.

Reason #2 – You’re Better Than That

Remember how your neighbor had the pony come to the house when little Brittany was four and the 7-course dinner when she turned 13? Well, a few fast laps around the track beat that any day. Don’t waste another minute worried comparing yourself to those people. Contact us, and we’ll get your party plan in motion.

Reason #3 – Parenting is a Tough Job (Parties Should Be Easy)

Your kids have no idea what it’s like to be a parent. And that’s good, because like we said, it’s a tough job. But here’s the thing – they shouldn’t be able to see how tough it is by looking at you. They shouldn’t see you sweat the details – they should see you breezing through the whole birthday experience like the champion you are. Schedule a party here and you can take a victory lap! It’s a sure win. And in this crazy game of parenting, you gotta take the wins when you can. (Remember the broccoli?)

What are you waiting for? Chances are you’ll be nagging about piano practice and homework any minute now. Hurry up and contact us, so you can start earning a few bonus points by throwing your kid an awesome go kart racing party. And do not fear because we are here to help every step of the way.