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What Our Newly Upgraded Go Karts Mean For Your Racing!

January 16th, 2018

Here at Speed Raceway we’ve just finished updating our electric go karts and we’re ready to let you know all about it!  While our go kart racing was already fast before the upgrades, you should see it now!  Here’s a list of some of the upgrades we’ve made and how it will help you beat your best lap time!

New Bearings– These bad boys both help the wheels in our go karts to rotate with minimal friction, but also help support the kart’s weight!  Worn out bearings can cause issues with not only your tire rotation (or lack thereof) but also a kart’s steering.  New bearings can mean better tire movement along with more evenly distributed weight across all four tires!

New Tires– Somewhat of a no-brainer!  As tires rack up more and more miles on them their tread slowly disappears, allowing for less grip during acceleration and in turns.  With our new tires installed, you’ll be able to lay brand new rubber on the road from the start!

New Engine Parts– Also somewhat of a no-brainer, a well tuned engine does wonders when it comes to the performance of a go kart!  More responsive and faster accelerating along with more overall power leads to stronger lap times for you!

New Rods and Steering Components– Being able to turn your wheel is crucial for any type of racing, let alone go kart racing, but especially so on our winding course!  With a more responsive wheel you’ll be hitting the apex of every turn every time!

If you can’t tell, we’re very excited about our new upgrades and can’t wait for you to come try them out!  So stop by this weekend or keep us in mind for the 4th of July holiday and see what Speed Raceway’s newest additions can do for your racing!