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Looking for More Mature Birthday Party Ideas Around South Jersey?

March 7th, 2018

As you get older, birthday party ideas become harder to come up with. What once used to be a fun night of hanging out with friends from school, having your parents order pizza and staying up late has slowly turned into less of an event as your age gets higher up there. For those of us still fighting the good fight when it comes to growing up, there are still hopes for having an awesome birthday that still has some of the old flair that birthday parties from our youth were full of. Here are a few birthday party ideas in South Jersey for those of us who are only young at heart.

Sporting Events

Getting a group of friends together to watch the big game is always a great time. No matter if you’re all headed to the arena or just meeting up at the local sports bar, a night out with the guys watching a great game is never a bad birthday party idea. With so many sports teams in the Philly area along with plenty of sports bars both downtown and around the city, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a game to take everybody with you to, no matter what time of year it is!


You can’t discuss great birthday parties in South Jersey without immediately thinking of paintball. Where else can you legally shoot your friends and walk away from the experience still laughing? Buy yourself a few hundred paintballs, rent a gun out and start spreading the pain! Happy birthday to you, sir!

Some Extreme Go-Karting

One of the best birthday party ideas in South Jersey is taking all your friends to Speed Raceway for some go-kart racing like you’ve never experienced before! With plenty of karts to accommodate a large group and party rooms to help you enjoy your birthday even more, Speed is the perfect place for fun loving adults to throw a birthday party they’ll never forget!

For some of us, growing older doesn’t have to mean becoming more mature. There are people out there who still want to enjoy the little things in life, like celebrating a birthday the right way. If you’re one of those rebels who thinks that birthdays are a cause for full-on celebration no matter what the age is, then make sure you find yourself at Speed Raceway next time your special day comes, we’ll be sure to make sure you feel young again!


Brittany Albright, Event Coordinator