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Kids birthday party at go-karting center: entertainment for all ages

May 7th, 2018

It seems like it was 2 months ago but a year has already slipped by and it is the time to plan your kid’s birthday party all over again. For sure, no parent wants to fail and see the sad face of their child because kids count days ‘til their next birthday and expect more fun than they had last year. Moreover, they start their countdown again as soon as their birthday party is over. And moms and dads understand that this important event takes creative ideas to continue to please their children.

Planning a kids birthday party

An awesome birthday party is all about planning. It is almost impossible to arrange any occasion without having a clear plan. If you lost the game “who will plan our child’s birthday this year”, grab a pen and a sheet of paper ‘cause you will definitely need this. The first thing you have to do is to make a guest list. It always helps in planning your budget for any occasion, not just for birthday party. The second thing is a kids’ birthday party venue. If children are six and older, you can transform a common birthday party into a breathtaking competition at Speed Raceway go-karting tracks. Joy, exciting speed, adrenaline rush, and memorable prizes for kids and grown-ups are included.

The next step is to think of what children love the most. They love costume parties and it becomes the point number three in your list. Boys like pirates, spies, superheroes and that can become great ideas for a themed birthday party. You can use the birthday themes for boys from the list:

  • Dinosaur birthday party
  • Lego birthday party
  • Star wars birthday party
  • Baseball birthday party

Cake for Dinosaur birthday partyDecoratoins for Pirate Birthday PartyColorful Decorations For Kids Birthday Party

Girls like dolls and fairy tales so you can pick one as a theme for the occasion. You can choose from following themes:

  • Princess birthday party
  • Minnie Mouse themed party
  • Barbie birthday party
  • Alice In Wonderland birthday theme

If you decided to host party at home, you have to create the menu that will please all guests. It takes lots of mental work. If you don’t want to lose your mind and then cook all day, the simplest way is to order pizza to cater the party or you can always change your plans and choose Speed Raceway as your venue for kid’s birthday party.

Birthday party venue that will exceed kids’ dreams

To choose the right place for this occasion, is not as easy as it seems at a first glance. For kids who are up to 6, it is quite normal to throw a party in the backyard, but when they are older, they want real amusement and activities. There is a place that will fit every kid’s and grown up’s interests - Speed Raceway.

Go Kart Racers on the TrackPeople In The Entertainment CenterYoung girls before starting on go-kart trackKids before starting on go-kart trackGroup of teenagers in amusement arcade.

Speed Raceway is an entertainment center that can host all your guests and it will suit all ages. Here, children can compete each other and even grownups, plus win prizes. It is also a great opportunity for both boys and girls to understand safe driving principles while having fun. For anyone waiting for their turn to speed around, we offer our gaming zone where everyone can play different arcade machines, mini golf, etc. You can find the whole list of games in our previous articles. We can also take the providing of food and drink off your hands with our catering services.

Now, you may have a question like “How to make my kid’s birthday party more private?” Speed Raceway has private rooms to provide your party with privacy and feeling of comfort. If you want complete privacy, the whole facility rental is also available. It allows the choice of Speed Raceway as your birthday party venue every year, and it won’t be boring!

Contact our event coordinator to schedule your coming-soon kids’ birthday party and we take care of it in a professional manner.


Brittany Albright, Event Coordinator