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Go karting rules!

April 23rd, 2018

Go-karting is the most popular and affordable type of motorsport. It is an adrenaline pumping activity for all ages. Most go karting tracks are accessible at any time of a year, for example, Speed Raceway, an entertainment center, offers indoor go karting tracks in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ to those who love speed and adrenaline rush providing them with comfort racing and climate control.

Indoor go karting trackGo-karting tracks in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJIndoor go-kart racing tracks in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ

What is go karting?

The origin of go karting takes its roots in the mid-'50s when a race car builder Art Ingels from California made a first-ever go kart model from scrap metal and a lawnmower engine. Since then, every part from body to motor has been upgrading up to these days. Contemporary go karts are equipped with gas engines or electric motors and their speed varies - some professional models can reach speeds of 160 miles per hour. As for recreational go karting, it’s not just entertainment, it’s a learning tool that can help you make the very first steps in motorsport. Speed Raceway camps allow your kids to learn to race while having fun and making new friends.

Electric go-karts, img2Electric go-karts, img3Electric go-karts, img4

Anatomy: go kart parts

The go karting industry has been constantly developing and modern go karts differ in appearance and capabilities from those that stood at the beginning, but the simplicity of driving remained the same. Go kart is a single-seater 4-wheeled vehicle powered by a gas engine or an electric motor. Speed Raceway go karts have an electric "heart" with a maximum capability of 4000 RPMs. These italian-made go karts have acceleration similar to fuel powered karts and that allows drivers to go into and out of bends in more efficient manner.

Electric go-karts, img1

Go kart equipment

In this industry, safety of drivers is above all. Driving go karts without at least a minimal set of safety gear can be dangerous and cause different traumas. That is why our go karting tracks provides their clients with safety equipment. Professional equipment is go kart suits, helmets, gloves, and shoes. If speaking of recreational go kart racing, more often than not helmets and gloves are the standard kit. Speed Raceway always care about their clients and provide them with all necessary equipment for their safety and comfort. So when at Speed Raceway tracks, clear your mind and focus on your race and enjoy high speeds.

Helmets for go-kart racing

Go kart racing rules and flags

Our go kart racing center has no speed limit but has rules to provide safety for our clients. Everyone should follow this rules to elude injuries on tracks.

Flags for go-kart racingPeople with go-kart racing flags

You should pay attention to signal flags the marshals show. Here are basic flags you have to be familiar with:

  • Yellow flag. Shown when there has been an accident or spin out as a call to slow down. No overtaking allowed.
  • Checkered flag. Shown when the race, qualifier session or practice is over.
  • Green flag. A signal to start the race.
  • White flag. The last lap.
  • Black flag. Unsafe driving, drive more carefully.
  • Red flag. Stop immediately.

The main rule is when the race is over, don't leave your go kart until you are told you can do so. 

Why choose Speed Raceway’s go karting tracks?

Speed Raceway is an entertainment center in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ known for its F1-like tracks and friendly atmosphere. You may choose our arrive & drive option to test your racing skills and compete your friends on our indoor tracks or chill out in our gaming zone - we have everything for your amusement. In addition, we offer our facility for any of your group and private parties. We will provide you full service for your event and will make it unforgettable. If you haven't decided yet where to celebrate your birthday or bachelor party, Speed Raceway will become the perfect destination. Contact our event coordinators for more details and see you at our go karting track.