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Go-kart racing is your cure for boredom on workdays

April 12th, 2018

Go-kart racing is a kind of sport and entertainment. In the 30s, it was popular to go down the hill on non-motorized carts among kids in the United State. Several decades later, a race car builder, Art Ingels, borrowed this idea and built the first racing shaped kart. It was demonstrated to the public in 1956. Since that moment, go-karts has entered a racing world and become a part of it. Nowadays, go-karts became more technically advanced - they have flexible chassis for better cornering and can be powered by fuel engines or electric motors. Though electric motors and 4-stroke engine perform at a lower speed (up to 60 MPH) versus those that are used in sport karts, these go-karts found its place in the business sphere. Many organization offer go-kart racing as an entertaining activity and recreation service. You can find both outdoor and indoor go-kart racing tracks almost in any city around the world. Some organizations like Speed Raceway care about customer comfort at the facility using “green” go-karts. Speed Raceway offers to its clients Italian-made electric go-karts, which they can test on the F1 inspired indoor tracks in Horsham, PA, and Cinnaminson, NJ. Our go-karts are eco-friendly and safe to drive.

Speed Raceway | Indoor electric go-kart RacingSpeed Raceway | Indoor electric go-kart Racing, img 2Speed Raceway | Indoor electric go-kart Racing, img 3

Go-kart racing benefits on workdays

We believe that modern society lacks entertainment and people need to relax during workdays. Laying on the couch and watching TV is a time killing activity. Instead, you could sit in a fast electric go-kart wearing a special equipment and step on the juice like a real F1 driver. At Speed Raceway adults and kids can have fun and forget about their daily routine to focus on speed and cornering. So why not to choose our arrive & drive option and make your day brighter and more cheerful at our place. To have more fun, bring your friends too! You will experience the adrenaline rush and thrill while competing against each other in head-to-head racing. Whatever the weather may be, beit cold or warm, rainy or sunny - Speed Raceway is an indoor go-kart racing center and nothing will stop you from racing on our track.

Speed Raceway | Indoor electric go-kart TrackSpeed Raceway | Indoor electric go-kart Track, img2

Visiting our entertainment facility in Horsham, PA, or Cinnaminson, NJ on workdays gives you plenty of benefits. Most people are at work at these times and there isn’t a big crowd to contend with at our go-kart racing tracks. That simply means you don’t have to wait long for your turn to drive. On weekends you’ll likely have to make a reservation to race at your comfort, while on weekdays you can use our arrive and drive option and have private party like experience.

Go-kart racing and entertainment center

Speed Raceway is an entertainment center first and foremost. Kids and adults will always find what to do and how spent time delightfully. Our indoor go-kart racing facility is not limited to go-karting. We provide to our customers plenty of entertainment and activities. For example, after a race or while waiting for your turn, you can chill out and play mini golf in Horsham, PA. We are armed with special entertaining machines and game tables to make people amused and wear off waiting time in between their races.

There is an impressive list of exciting activities and popular arcade games that you can play alone, with your friends or family in Horsham, PA, as well as in Cinnaminson, NJ.

Speed Raceway - Go-kart racing and entertainment centerSpeed Raceway - Go-kart racing and entertainment center, img2Speed Raceway - Go-kart racing and entertainment center, img3Speed Raceway - Go-kart racing and entertainment center, img4Speed Raceway - Go-kart racing and entertainment center, img5

Sport games

  • Air Hockey Tables 
  • Pool Tables 
  • Basketball Shooting Games 

Twin racing games

  • Twin Racing Games - Fast & Furious Super Cars
  • Twin Motorcycle Games - Super Bikes 2 


  • Walking Dead Arcade 
  • Big Buck Hunter
  • Terminator Salvation Arcade
  • Jurassic Park Arcade 

Self-Redemption games

  • Crane Games
  • Deal or No Deal Deluxe

The others

  • Doodle Jump
  • Ski Ball (Ice Ball)
  • Photo Booths 

These games are fun to play with your family or friends and you can make a little competition to find out who’s the best Air Hockey player or who is the champion zombie fighter.

Go-kart racing workday special price

Our doors are open for all on Monday through Thursday from noon ‘till 10 PM and on Friday ‘till 11 PM. So be the first to try our special offers these days. Our specials are:

  • Lunch Time Specials. From noon ‘till 2:30 PM we have got an attractive offer for you! A single race for only $15. 14 laps for adults and 12 laps for juniors. It seems a reasonable deal when you save $5 per race.
  • After School Specials. This offer aimed to bring joy not only to school kids who feel tired and bored after classes but to anyone who has that weekday free time! Pay $5 less per race from 2:30 PM ‘till 5 PM and enjoy your ride. 

You experience the same level of racing plus you get more privacy and you pay less all with you in a better mood. This is our formula for your fast and furious day.

Come and blast off the starting line!