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Time For a New Take on an Old Idea: Go Kart Racing is Hip Again

December 11th, 2017

Back in the old days, the really old days, kids would race tiny, dirty gasoline-powered go karts that guzzled fuel, didn’t go very fast, and belched plumes of black smoke. Eventually someone got the memo because you don’t find those around any more. However, the newer electric models leave the old gas powered karts buried in history (and their own black smoke). There is no better way to fullfill your need for speed than to race an electric kart on a well maintained indoor track.For kids too young to drive and grown-ups looking for a new take on an old idea,go kart racing is a safe way to feel the rush of dropping the accelerator to the floor and competing with others to see who is the fastest. In premium race tracks like those available at Speed Raceway, electronic signs track the positions of the racers to help keep track of the madness for the excited onlookers.

Modern electric go karts look similar to high-end models of the old gasoline powered ones, except they are lighter, offer more horsepower, and provide greater torque, be sure to wear a helmet. Go kart racing with an electric motor is a whole new experience. This isn’t your grand-pappy’s go kart. Electric go karts handle better, steer sharper, accelerate MUCH faster, and are better for the environment to boot. Besides less choking gasoline smoke, racing in an electric kart feels smoother, allowing anyone to take hold of their inner cheetah and leave the competition in the dust.Come rain, sleet, or shine, you can always burn rubber at Speed Raceway. Stop on by for a walk-in race or feel free to contact us at your convenience. You can do so online or by phone to schedule a race on one of our two indoor tracks. We book private parties and accommodate league races and tournaments.