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Fun Things To Do Around Philadelphia That You And Your Kids Will Enjoy

December 4th, 2017

There are so many ways for you and your children to enjoy fun attractions in the great city of Philadelphia. But sometimes the city can be so big that you get overwhelmed with all of your options. for that reason, we have created this list of fun things for you to do with your kids that you will both enjoy.

Speed Raceway

Speed Raceway is the largest indoor facility with electric go kart racing on the east coast and gives everyone in the family an exciting and challenging true to life thrilling racing experience. Everyone takes part in the speed and handling of the “best fun on wheels” with the added authentic sound that the Italian made high performance karts produce. Also, since they are electric, there are no gasoline fumes, emissions or oils to deal with.

Racing is on a quarter mile track with tight turns and straight-aways. There is live-time scoring on massive scoreboards. The registration process is quick, you pick out a “racer name” that is displayed on the “live-scoring” scoreboards, and you are scheduled in races. Everyone in the family can race against each other.

The Philadelphia Zoo 

This was the first zoo charted in the United States, and that occurred back in 1859. Also, it was the first children’s zoo in 1957 and the first United States exhibit of white lions in 1993. Its 42 acres contains not only an animal-packed zoo but also

A. Big Cat Falls with lions, tigers, leopards, pumas, jaguars, waterfalls, pools, a simulated research station for aspiring zoologists, and more.

B. Treetop Trail, an elevated mesh passageway for small species like lemurs and monkeys

C. Zoo360, a three-tiered overhead animal trail

D. Great Ape Trail for larger primates like orangutans and gibbons room

E. Big Cat Crossing, an elevated trail which extends for 330 feet above ground right over the main visitor pathway where lions, jaguars, tigers, and other animals roam overhead.

F. McNeil Avian Center with walk-through habitats of over 100 spectacular birds from around the world as well as a 4-D Migration Theater.

G. Botanical collections of more than 500 plant species.

H. Research and veterinary facilities.

I. KidZooU, an indoor/outdoor children’s zoo with a barnyard for kids to pet and brush goats, sheep, chickens, mini-horses and ducks; and an indoor education center and wildlife academy where kids can play and learn.

Franklin Square

One of the five original public squares in Philadelphia, it now has a classic nostalgic Liberty Carousel with racehorse heroes, an 18-hole miniature golf course where you putt-putt through replicas of the cities sites, a burger joint, a picnic area, and more.

Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall

One of the nation’s premier children’s museums, its mission is to create hands-on learning opportunities through play. There are six interactive exhibit zones contained in 157,000 square feet. The different themes include, for example, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the kids can sip tea with the Mad Hatter and play croquet with the Queen.

Kids of all ages (that includes grownups!) can also ride the restored 1908 Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel in its 9,000 square-foot glass pavilion.

Children can sail a boat on a mini-river, take the wheel of a real bus, enjoy stories in “Fairytale Garden”, stock the shelves and ring up the order in the Supermarket, see a live theater performance, and a full schedule of craft activities and entertainment.

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