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Five Hotspots for Indoor Birthday Parties in South Jersey

January 16th, 2018

Birthday Parties in South Jersey are always so difficult to plan. What does your child want to do? Who’s going to be there? How much will it cost? Will it be a memorable experience? With so many factors, many of them always changing, it’s tough to pick something that you can plan ahead and be confident that it will be a great event. If your kid wants a party outdoors, then you’ve got to factor in the weather too! With so many factors changing as your kid changes his or her mind, you need to have as much set in stone as possible; planned in advance so you can relax during the event and focus on making sure everyone has a good time.

The easiest solution is to find a great indoor location to hold birthday parties in South Jersey. Nobody just wants to sit around, eat cake, and open presents. There needs to be an awesome activity to keep the kids entertained and provide some great birthday memories. The better the entertainment, the fewer complaints from the kids. The more you plan a great party, the more jealous the other parents will be that they didn’t have the same idea. Take a look at some suggestions that could be just what you’re looking for!

1. Family Fun Center – These range from full-size indoor playgrounds to massive arcades. Most places serve some food for the kids and they get to run around and play games. Always an easy solution, if not the tastiest or cleanest environment.

2. Kid’s Museum – While many kids aren’t interested in regular museums with old artifacts behind glass, a kid’s museum is focused on teaching kids through fun activities and interactive events, usually with a reserved area to set up camp and handle the standard birthday itinerary.

3. Movies – Taking the kids to a movie is usually a safe go-to, but it can feel too commonplace for a special birthday event. Plus, different parents let their kids see different types of movies, so the common denominator might be more a of kid movie to some than others.

4. Bowling – This can be a great event for kids of all ages, thanks to bumpers. As long as the kids have the attention span to play a couple games, this can definitely be a winner. Just make sure nobody drops a bowling ball on their foot!

5. Go Kart Racing – Many people don’t realize, but electric go kart racing is a growing entertainment option, as whole tracks can be set up indoors and enjoyed year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Kids are guaranteed to have a great time racing their friends in a fun, safe, environment, all with a private party room to manage all the birthday celebrations. Definitely a sure-fire win with kids of any age!

If you’re looking at birthday parties in South Jersey, look no further than Speed Raceway. Their experience staff know what it takes to throw a great party, so contact them and let them handle everything! Indoor go kart racing is a guaranteed way to throw a birthday party your child will never forget!