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The Do’s and Don’ts of Philadelphia Corporate Events

January 16th, 2018

Every good business owner or manager wants to promote unity and cohesion amongst their employees, so many turn to team building and corporate events to help bring people together from different departments and help break down walls in the organization. While the intentions for these events are often good, it can be easy to put together team building events that cause strife or leave people out and miss the point of the event completely. Learn from some of the do’s and don’ts before planning your corporate events in Philadelphia!

Do: Use the event to fix team problems and address any concerns. It’s important to get feedback on how the day-to-day business is going, and while team buildings should be fun, there should be time to have frank, constructive, discussion.

Don’t: Make it all about work! Your employees are people and don’t just want to hear all about work when they leave the office for an event. Give people a chance to share about their real lives and have fun, without worrying about invoices and cold calling.

Do: Use the event to inspire your employees to think big, both in the office and in their lives. Providing them with the tools to improve themselves and step outside their comfort zone will help them in all avenues of life.

Don’t: Roleplay. There are much more effective ways of bonding and teaching then having people pretend to be the boss.

Do: Document the event so people can remember both the fun they had and the lessons they learned.

Don’t: Forget how important the venue is for corporate events Philadelphia. Having your team building or corporate event in your office is a mistake, find something fun for the team to do and get out there. Many venues have meeting space available for discussion and teaching. Getting away from the office is always a good thing.

Do: Include everyone in both the planning of the event and during the event itself. Know the employees you are trying to bond with, some events work well for some people than others. Picking something that will alienate some of your employees because they aren’t interested or capable will ruin your team building event.

Don’t: Be cheap! Picking a nice team building event doesn’t have to break the bank, but investing in your employees is one of the best places to spend your money. A cohesive team can accomplish anything and appreciate having support from their manager.

Do: Get feedback after the event. No team building or corporate events in Philadelphia will be perfect, so learn from your employees about what was effective and what wasn’t.

Don’t: Stick with the same old team building activities. There are plenty of effective and different events you can do with your employees that are way better than the tired bowling events and trust falls.

Team building exercises and corporate events Philadelphia will help build unity and efficiency in your company while your employees have fun and get to know each other better. Why make them sit through a long presentation when you can host your event at Speed Raceway? Their indoor, all-electric, go kart track is the perfect place for any event, and they love hosting companies of all sizes.