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Corporate Team Building Has Never Been This Fun!

May 21st, 2018

We’ve all been to boring corporate events that had no lasting impression and all we could think about was lunch. There’s nothing worse than a long, boring discussion about policy or how to better communicate between departments. Nobody will argue that these aren’t important topics that every business needs to address, but does it always have to be so dull? There’s gotta be a better way to hold a corporate team building event that will both entertain and educate your staff! Fortunately business owners and HR directors are learning how to host events without putting everyone there to sleep. Hold your corporate event in a clean, friendly environment that will be unforgettable and blow any previous event out of the water.

Go-karts Track | Corporate Team Building EventIndoor Go-karts Track | Corporate Team Building EventConference Center | Corporate Team Building EventConference Room | Corporate Team Building EventCasual Conference Room | Corporate Team Building EventConference Room, img2 | Corporate Team Building Event

Whether you’re planning to bring in a nationally renowned speaker to Horsham, PA or Cinnaminson, NJ or have a small executive group, Speed Raceway corporate events will exceed your expectations. With different size meeting rooms and a number of catering and food options available for your corporate team building event, you will find everything you need. The go kart racing itself is unlike anything you’ve done before. If you’re thinking, “I’ve done go karts before when I was a kid, it won’t be the same now,” then you just need to try out our indoor electric go karts. They are definitely the fast karts you’ve ever ridden and the enclosed indoor track keeps you out of the sun and allows your event to take place no matter what the weather is like outside. The Speed Raceway staff knows how to help support you during your event and make sure everything is running smoothly, and since you can bring in catered food and drinks, you’ll have everything taken care of!

We want to make sure you are fully prepared for your event and have covered every angle. There’s no need to wing it for your next team building event. You don’t need to rehash the same old events over and over either. Why not download our free corporate event planning guide? We’ve spoken with many business owners and HR managers to help understand their needs for a great corporate team building and what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Leave behind the boring speeches and exercises! Our guide will help you:

  •  Determine how to allocate your budget
  •  Reserve your date & venue
  •  Book speakers and entertainment
  •  Start composing a day-of timeline
  •  Identify associated amenities

To plan the perfect corporate team building event, look no further. Our detailed Corporate Event Planning Checklist helps you cover every detail from up to a year out. Quit sitting through the same terrible team building events when you can do so much better! No matter what kind of business you have, your staff will appreciate getting out of the office and bonding through some crazy fun go kart racing. Whether you are looking to plan a team building event, birthday party, or any other kind of group event, Speed Raceway tracks in Horsham, PA and Cinnaminson, NJ. are the perfect locations for your fun corporate event! Contact us today for more information!


Brittany Albright, Event Coordinator