BYOB Axe-Throwing Here At Speed Raceway!

July 23rd, 2019

Speed Raceway is one of the best places for group events here in Camden County. Offering everything from go-kart racing to birthday party venues, did you know that we also offer BYOB (beer and wine only) with our axe-throwing activities?

If you’re looking for a chill atmosphere to kick back and try something new, why not have a go at this thrilling sport over a couple of beers!

Why Axe-Throwing & BYOB?

Here at Speed Raceway, we’re all about showing people a fun time while connecting with friends, coworkers, and even meeting some new faces along the way!

As an activity with a considerably long history behind it, axe-throwing is a perfect way to bond with your friends while having fun doing something new, exciting, and off-the-beaten-path. Because of this unique quality of axe-throwing games and events, we feel that being able to kick back and have a drink can only add to the experience!

A Fun Alternative to Your Local Tavern

Typically, bars come equipped with games such as pool, billiards, and darts. After all, drinking is a highly social activity, giving people the ability to kick back, relax, and let their guard down and connect with the people around them. The introduction of popular games enhances the experience by making your local tavern a place to socialize!

Here at Speed Raceway, we tried to do the exact same thing for our customers, in a way — and we decided to take a page out of the local tavern’s book! If you’re looking for a place to have a drink and try something new, Speed Raceway is the place to do it!

Is BYOB & Axe-Throwing Safe?

The answer is simple: yes! We have rules in place to make the experience as fun and as safe as possible. We have a system in place that helps us keep track of who has had too much to drink, ensuring that safety remains our #1 priority.

If you and your comrades are seeking something new and thrilling to do at one of the leading birthday party places in Burlington County, don’t hesitate to book your reservations with Speed Raceway today!