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Birthday Party Ideas Around Philadelphia

January 16th, 2018

So your child’s birthday is coming up, and you want to plan a memorable party to celebrate the big day. There are lots of options, so how do you pick the best one? If you look at the most popular birthday party ideas around Philadelphia, you’re sure to come up with a fun idea.


This is a time-tested activity and there are many locations in the Philly area that host parties for kids. While many kids enjoy bowling, the long wait times in-between turns may result in you chasing down a wanderer or two.

Movie Theater Party

Kids get really excited about the newest releases, so you will certainly get a good turnout at a movie party. The only down side is there is little interaction between the kids, so when the party is finished, there’s a bit of a letdown.

The Zoo

This may be a good option if you’ve got an animal lover. But there’s lots to see and not all guests may agree on an itinerary so be prepared to break up some disagreements.

Indoor Inflatables/Trampolines

Perfect for burning some energy and always a lot of fun. There are usually a few minor accidents though, so be sure all parents are aware of the risks and dangers associated with these parties.

Indoor Go Karting

Speed Raceway is the largest indoor go kart racing facility in the area and offers electric karts that area easy to use and completely safe for kids (helmets are provided). This is the perfect choice for a group of kids because they will all be together, everyone loves to drive their own kart, and there’s plenty of interaction between friends.

If you decide Speed Raceway’s indoor go kart racing is the best location for a birthday party in the Philadelphia area for your child, there are locations in Horsham, PA and Cinnaminson, NJ. For more information on party packages, please feel free to contact us at any time.