Best kids activities to do during summer vacations

May 17th, 2018

Vacations are coming. Kids are counting the days while their parents scratch their heads trying to think of activities that their kids will enjoy. As the summer vacations is a long one, Speed Raceway go-karting center offers the best alternative to screen time - the summer racing camp. Arrange unforgettable vacations for your kids with us.

Why is it important to make summer plans for your kids?

When school is over, you can take a deep breath and relax because there are no waking kids up, no sending them to school every morning, no carpool - the whole nine yards. All day at home. Together. Get ready for sibling fights and messes. With this, summer is still an incredible time for many reasons. All you need is to fill up your summer plans with fun activities for kids in order to “unglue” them from the screens of their gadgets. Why do you need planning your summer vacation? If not, kids will simply wither away spending at home all day in summer. Planning summer activities let your kids stay active and “alive”.

Bored teenagers resting on the bench on summer day

Kids may be up in arms over screen free activities as they are used to filling in their whole free time with playing computer games, watching TV, and other time wasting and mindless activities. But if you provide them with an experience they have never had before, it will be a game-changer. Speed Raceway deserves to be in your bag of tricks for this year’s summer vacation plan, because our indoor go-kart racing engages not only adults, but kids.

Kids activities near me to entertain your child during the summer

Summer is the best time ever for any child. As there are no classes, there are plenty room in your kids’ calendar to be filled with amazing activities. If you keep looking for kids activities near me in Philadelphia, PA, we share several ideas on that topic with you below:

  • Hosting a party. It is a great idea to celebrate the beginning of the summer break. Invite your children’s friends. Plan games and activities for them. Prepare food and drinks and have fun.
  • Having a movie marathon. Everybody likes watching movies. Choose those your kids loves the best, get some snacks and kick back in front of your TV.
  • Making a reading list. To make your kids more involved in the process, read books and discuss them together. You can invite as many your kids’ friends as possible to make a little reading club at home.
  • Outdoor activities. Summer is a perfect time to do some sports outdoors like roller-blades, scooter, bicycle, skateboarding. It is also a great opportunity to go on picnics with family and friends. Depending on your preferences, you can go camping and spend a night or more under the sky full of glittering stars and make friends with the wilderness and enjoy the nature.

  • Activities to do locally. Google concerts, events that will be held in your city to where you can go with your kids together. You can visit local exhibitions and museums as well. Let your kids learn about culture and art.
  • Summer camp for kids. There are thousands of camps in the US and art camps, sports camps, travel camps are just the most well-known. Contrasted with these, summer racing camp at Speed Raceway in Horsham, PA and Cinnaminson, NJ stands out from many others not only because it is a brilliant alternative to an ordinary day camp but it is that place where your kids will enjoy to be while learn to drive our indoor go-karts. It will be an unforgettable experience for any boy or girl and our well-trained staff will provide fun and safe atmosphere during your kids’ go-karting adventure.

3 sessions of summer racing camp are available:

  • June 25th-29th
  • July 23rd-27th
  • August 20th-24th

$379 per week

To learn more information about our summer racing camp for kids, click on this link.