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My Bachelor Party Will Include Go Kart Racing and Whiskey Sipping

January 16th, 2018

I have gotten to the age where it seems like all of my friends are getting married. Well, that isn’t quite true yet, as I have only been to one of their weddings, but they are all getting engaged. I have been to my first bachelor party, and it was pretty great. It was in D.C. and extremely low-key. To me, it was almost perfect. But it got me thinking about what my perfect day would be. There would have to be food, and lots of it. There would be go kart racing, and there would be sports and beer of course…

Let the King Reign

If you are planning a bachelor party, the most important thing is that your bachelor thinks the night is fun. So before you talk to anyone else, confer with the man of the hour. Find out what he wants to do, and even more importantly, find out what he does not want to do. Make sure to ask what won’t be on the list because many bachelors may act indifferent to pretty much everything so long as the crew is together. And many bachelors won’t want to have to plan anything or make any decisions, but that does not mean they are going to love every idea. So just be sure to ask because nothing will kill your party buzz quicker than if the big man himself is uncomfortable.

Pull Out All of the Stops

When planning a bachelor party, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Sure it would be fun to catch an Avalanche game during the day, followed by dinner followed by going to a bar followed by going to a concert followed by going to a club, but that would simply floor your team. You need to be reasonable and selective when choosing the activities. Remember, this isn’t a bachelorette party. You don’t need to have every fifteen minutes of the day/night planned out. I would advise keeping it to a one activity maximum during the day if you want your team to be able to go hard that night.

My Local Party

If it were my bachelor party, I would hope it went something like this: we would arrive in the morning to our downtown Philadelphia hotel. It should be relatively nice, but it doesn’t half to be the Ritz-Carlton. I would prefer to spend the majority of our budget on the events instead of the hotel, but that is just me. I expect for all of us to have enough fun that we don’t even notice the quality of bed as we are passing out.
Our first activity would be heading to Speed Raceway for some high-intensity go kart racing. This will get everyone’s heart pumping and in the right state of mind. After we get our fill of the track, we may try some local brewery tasting. This will get us ready for the rest of the night.

After a couple hours of some crazy fast go kart racing, we will have worked up an appetite that will only be satisfied by a delicious dinner at Stateside. After eating, we will retreat to the rooftop bar for some drinks before we head to the finale event, watching Nick Foles and the Philladelphia win a primetime game. After the game, we would head to Cooperage Wine and Whiskey Bar for a little bourbon and decompression.

At that point, my plans will stop. I expect to be fully partied out by that point, but who knows, maybe I will catch a second wind, and the guys can take me clubbing from there. If not, I won’t care because I will have just had a perfect day in Philladelphia.