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Never Stress Over Planning a Birthday Party Again With these 4 Tips

December 18th, 2017

As a parent, you want your child to be able to have a wonderful birthday party and invite a bunch of friends. This normally means they hand out invitations to every kid they know which may add up to 50 kids, 75 kids or more. Unfortunately, this is way too many guests to have at your home especially if many of the parents stay too. Of course, it isn’t just the number of people who will be there. You have to take into consideration other things you’ll need such as the number of chairs and tables, drinks, napkins, forks, spoons, plates, gift bags, games, decorations, activities, food, entertainment, and prizes for each child. Parents are way too stressed as it is and adding organizing a birthday party to the list is hard to imagine.

Let’s not forget, you’ll have to clean the house before the party and again as soon as everyone leaves! Who wants the stress of hosting a birthday party? Truth be told, there are many venues that would love to take the load off of you with only a phone call! So never stress over having to plan a birthday party again because these four tips will help you keep everything in line.

  • Look for a birthday party venue that has lots of games for the kids to play. Kids love arcade games! When planning a party at your home, you will find that not all the kids will want to play ‘pin-the-tail on the donkey’ or ‘musical chairs’. Arcades have a wide variety of games that even the parents will enjoy.
  • Find a party place that will do all the work for you. Some places will allow you to bring your own decorations, cake, and food. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to plan, even the smallest details can become too stressful to deal with. Look for a place that has complete catering options. All you will need to do is make one phone call and everything will be ready for the party when you arrive.
  • While some kids may like putt-putt or bounce houses, others will enjoy a bit more action such as go kart racing. Choose a racetrack that uses electric as opposed to gas. This will ensure your guests will not have an issue with fumes. Also, electric go kart tracks are indoors which means you can book a party at any time of the year without worrying about the weather.
  • Choose a party place that offers private rooms. Having a private party room will allow your child to have his/her time in the spotlight while blowing out candles, opening presents, eating, and being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ too. Some party places offer themed rooms so ask when you call to see if there is a specific themed room your child may want.

Above all else, look for a place that your child will remember forever. After all, birthdays only come once a year! If you have any questions about planning a go kart racing birthday party, feel free to contact us at any time!