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7 Second date ideas for your amazing date

June 29th, 2018

Your first date was awesome. You may have gone to a quiet place like a local park, cafe or restaurant, had delicious food and drinks, chatted and laughed a lot, then said your goodbyes, and called it a night. The first date never gives the full picture of your date as you both don’t have enough time to get to know each other too well and still have a lot to talk about. If you are struggling to come up with a good second date idea, Speed Raceway is a venue that can host any significant event of your life from birthday to a bachelor party and can become a most-fit place for your second date.

Second date ideas and fun things to do in Philadelphia for couples

Choosing fun things to do in Philadelphia for couples or a second date can become a real challenge. Frankly speaking, finding the right place for dates are limited as usually these are quiet places where you can talk like parks, cafes, restaurants, and so on. But the second date is your chance to show the real you and what can define you more than an activity chosen by you. The team at Speed Raceway is happy to share a second date ideas list of joyful activities for your romantic second date.

  • Bowling. A traditional activity that many of us enjoy. It is a no-stress and competitive activity that also gives you a lot of opportunities to have a conversation.
  • Mini golf. An easy activity that requires little skill. No matter how good or bad you are at mini golf, it is an opportunity to chat and get to know each other a little better.
  • Arcades. Everybody loves games! Going for some old school games as it reminds us of our childhood. Air hockey and any other two-player arcade games are a good choice as well.
  • Bars with board games. Add a new touch to an ordinary bar date. Find a bar with board games to make the night more interesting. Drinks and board games will help keep your conversations follow easier.
  • Movie theaters. It is hard to choose a movie that you both will like but, anyway, it can become a good topic for discussion.
  • Live shows. You both can’t live a day without music? Attending a live performance is your option. After all songs are played, you can take a walk and talk about the show.
  • Go-Karting. Racing on an adult go-kart can be considered as the funniest thing couples can do. It will give an unforgettable experience and thrill to you and your partner .

Man and woman legs during a second date | Speed Raceway entertainment centerA couple taking picture at go-kart track | Speed Raceway entertainment centerIndoor go-kart rasing track | Speed Raceway entertainment centerIndoor mini golf court | Speed Raceway entertainment centerMini golf court | Speed Raceway entertainment centerA couple playing arcade games | Speed Raceway entertainment centerCouple having fun at Speed Raceway entertainment center

Speed Raceway is an entertainment center for the best second date

If you and your date go for go-kart racing, Speed Raceway is the number one destination for go-karting in Philadelphia. Our unique tracks are designed for those who are chasing speed and adrenaline. Find out how fast you are in our eco-friendly Italian-made indoor go-karts and then continue your romantic journey in our facility. As an entertainment center, we offer a wide range of options for your entertainment and it makes Speed Raceway stand out from the rest of the second date ideas list. When at Speed Raceway, you won’t have to search arcade near me or other places, you just head to our gaming zone with an engaging arcade video game collection. Here you can feel like professional zombie killers or ultimate moto racers. Pool, air hockey tables, and mini golf in Horsham are also available.

Speed Raceway is an entertainment center with activities for all types of people. Go-karting can become an unforgettable beginning or ending to your date. Contact us for reservation or use our convenient arrive-and-drive option.