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6 Warning Signs Your Employees Are Burning Out

January 16th, 2018

When demand is high and resources are low, it’s common practice to ask your employees to take on increasing workloads. Extra work means longer hours at the office as employees strive to meet deadlines. Often, though, an overworked staff quickly leads to employee burnout– ultimately hurting the productivity you were seeking to maintain. So, how do you know when it’s time to give your dedicated staff a well-deserved break? Be aware of these 6 warning signs your employees are burning out:

Decline in work quality

If a reliable employee begins consistently turning in low quality work, it’s time to consider if burnout is the culprit behind the quality drop. When employees are overworked, they might feel stretched thin and unable to devote their full attention and energy to each individual project.

Increased tardiness

Your normally conscientious and punctual employee is suddenly arriving 10 minutes late to work every day. In addition, she is bolting out the door at 5 on the dot every evening. While there could be many explanations for employee tardiness, potential burnout should be considered.

Sudden attendance concerns

Maybe your top employee isn’t coming in late, but not coming in at all. A sudden rise in employee absences should be a red flag for managers. The stress of being overworked could lead to increased illnesses. In addition, employees suffering from burnout could be absent from work because they are interviewing for new positions.

A change in attitude

If you notice your normally friendly, upbeat employees becoming sullen and moody, you could have a burned out staff on your hands. Low morale equals low productivity– a combination you want to avoid.  

Errors galore

While your employee is still meeting deadlines, you’ve noticed a new trend in his work– an overload of errors. Instead of assuming he’s just being careless, consider the possibility that he simply has too much on his plate.

Becoming withdrawn

Some employees naturally keep to themselves and that’s not a concern. However, if an outgoing employee suddenly starts becoming withdrawn and avoiding co-workers, there’s likely a problem that needs to be addressed– and it could be burnout.

If your employees are showing any of the above warning signs of burnout, give them a break from it all and contact us to schedule a corporate party. And if you are curious about how to best plan corporate events in Philadelphia, our team members are always happy to help.