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5 Things to do Before Summer is Gone: Step 1 – Try Go Kart Racing

January 16th, 2018

Summer seems to be slowly making an exit and there are signs to show it.  Leaves are starting to change colors, the weather is slowly getting colder and kids are heading back to school.  Luckily for you, the signs have been pretty drawn out this year; giving you the chance to get your last bit of summer fun in before it’s too late!  With little time left to fit in all the purely summer activities you haven’t done yet, we here at Speed Raceway figured we would help you out by listing some of the best things you can still do before fall takes over!

Catch a Baseball Game

They don’t call them the boys of summer for nothing!  Catching a baseball game is a summer must, whether it’s your kid’s little league game, a local minor league team or your town’s MLB franchise.  So take an afternoon off work or help pack the stands on a weekend or night game and enjoy the warm air, freshly cut grass and America’s pastime!

Go to an Amusement Park

Nothing screams summer fun like a ton of people screaming on a roller coaster!  Reserved almost exclusively for summer, amusement parks provide an excellent way to kill a summer day!  Take a spin on the carrousel or Ferris wheel, shock your senses on a roller coaster or maybe catch a show or concert at the park’s amphitheater!  No matter what gets your blood pumping, today’s amusement parks have it, so get your tickets before you lose your nerve or the park closes down for the season!

Hang Ten at the Water Park

Spending time at the local water park is always a great way to spend a summer day!  Wave pools, tube rides, huge slides and plenty of sun are just a few great things a water park can offer you any day during the summer!  Grab your towel and your sunscreen and find yourself a lawn chair early before the sun and fair weather goes away along with your chances of catching the last wave!

Go Camping or Hiking

To many, a summer isn’t complete without a good old fashioned camping trip into the wilderness.  The fresh air, untouched scenery and campfires with s’mores really help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  Unless you’re a hardcore camper though, summer is really the only good time to get out and enjoy your trips with mostly predictable and bearable weather so get your tent and sleeping bags out of storage before it’s too late!

Get in some Go Kart Racing

For many of us, summer was really the only time when you could consistently have fun thanks to school during the rest of the year. It used to be that summer was the only time for go kart racing because the track was outside and couldn’t be kept open during the colder months.  There’s just something about sitting in a kart next to your friends or family, getting ready to push it to the limit in order to claim the all important bragging rights for the day.

No matter what your favorite summer activity is, the clock is ticking!  So go catch a game, ride your favorite ride, enjoy a splash at the water park, sleep under the stars or get in one last go kart racing experience this summer before school and fall fully take over.  If you find yourself thinking too much like an adult then just do it for pure nostalgia’s sake and take yourself back to your glory days of making every day during summer count!