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5 Things All Great Corporate Events Have in Common

January 16th, 2018

Whether planning a team building exercise, organizing the annual holiday party or looking for a way to impress clients, those seeking to host corporate events in Philadelphia should keep in mind the 5 things all great corporate events have in common. Successful corporate sponsored outings can increase employee satisfaction, generate new business and provide a way for management to express appreciation.


Dinner at the local country club or the boss’ Main Line estate home might work once, but after a while this type event becomes a command performance. Employees will begin dreaming up excuses to get out of attending and their spouses will be even more resistant to the thought of another endless evening of small talk. Trying something new is the best way to drum up interest in a Corporate Event in Philadelphia. Concerts, trips to the zoo and even something as unexpected as indoor racing can make an event a hot ticket.

Top Notch Entertainment

Some workers may be friendly and socialize outside the office, but most prefer to keep their work and personal lives separate. When thrown into a social situation, conversation can be forced and awkward. Having some form of entertainment at an event can help alleviate the stress of hanging with co-workers and make the event much more fun. When attendees get to participate in the activities, that’s even better. It gives everyone some common ground and something to do other than stand around or listen to dull motivational speeches.

First Rate Food and Drink

Philadelphia may be known for its legendary cheese steaks, but that’s not the only good eats available in town. Corporate Events in Philadelphia must have delicious food and a wide selection of beverages to keep guests happy. Arranging catering is one of the first things planners should attend to. Many venues have on-site catering which simplifies things, but often bringing in your own vendor can save money and allow for greater creativity in designing the menu.

Chance to Mingle

Most corporate events are supposed to foster employee and client relationships. Many large companies have hierarchies where managers eat lunch with other managers and secretaries associate with other secretaries. Out of office events should provide an atmosphere where all employees are on equal ground. Entry level staffers should have the chance to talk with the brass and everyone must feel welcome.

Relaxed Dress Code

There’s nothing worse than coming home from work, taking off your suit, showering and putting on another coat and tie to attend a corporate event. Dressing in a stuffy suit will generally guarantee a stuffy, boring event and departure at the earliest time possible. Encouraging casual dress will put everyone at ease and make for a better overall event.

By applying these elements event planners can ensure corporate funds are well spent and the extravaganza whether big or small is well received. For ideas on how to put any party ideas into action, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our team members are more than qualified to help you with any questions about hosting dynamite corporate events in Philadelphia.