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11 Birthday Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know About

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Dec.01, 2014 10:30 AM


Sure, birthday parties are fun. For the kids. But for parents, planning a birthday party can be about as enticing as a root canal. From picking the perfect, unique, location to ordering food to making sure all the kids are having fun but being safe, planning a birthday party can be just plain overwhelming. Here’s the good news: planning a birthday party doesn’t have to be so hard! Take the stress out of party planning with these eleven birthday party hacks every parent should know about:

Have someone else do the work

Having an at-home birthday party sounds like less work and less cost in theory than hosting a party at a venue, but all the prep work, cleaning, cooking/baking, and activity planning can leave you with less energy and less money than is necessary. Find a place to host your party, and let them take care of the prep, food, and cleanup so you can focus on having fun with your child. Speed Raceway takes care of the planning and offers catering options if you want to include food with your party. You are also welcome to bring your own food to Speed Raceway. It’s totally up to you! Plan the party you want, but let us take care of the decorations and the party planning with our official party hosts.

Choose somewhere loud and noisy

Don’t expect a group of kids to behave at a nice restaurant. They’re at a party after all! Pick a location that lets kids be kids.

Pick somewhere adults like too

Find a place that is parent friendly as well as kid friendly so you and your guests’ parents can have fun too! There’s no reason to limit all the action to the 10 and under crowd. Adults can get in on the fun at Speed Raceway. (pssst, Speed Raceway hosts adult birthday parties too!)

Choose the right time for your party

Are most of your party guests still napping? Best not to choose a 2:00 party then. Are they usually asleep by 8? Don’t plan an evening party! Figure out what the basic schedule is for your guests, and then pick a time from there that also works for your schedule.

Pick a place that makes the birthday kid feel special

Sure, the guests are important and they should have a good time. But make sure your birthday kid really feels like it is his/her special day. A good sign of a quality birthday party location is a place that gives the birthday child a special hat or shirt to commemorate the occasion. Speed Raceway has party options that include a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl.

Simplify Invites

Sure you can hand craft the perfect invitation for your child. Or you can use an online service that will send your invitation and information out for free and allow you to track RSVPs and send RSVP reminders. Simple, inexpensive, and quick invitations are the route to go.

Limit the number of guests

It can be tempting to invite your child’s entire class of 25 kids. If your child is genuinely friends with all of his/her classmates, then you might want to go ahead and invite everyone. But if s/he really only has 6-8 good friends, then only invite those friends. Limiting the amount of kids at a party is a good idea to make sure the birthday child doesn’t become overwhelmed by his/her party. It also is a good way to cut down on extra costs, which brings us to our next point…

Stick to a budget

Make a budget and stick to it. There’s no need to spend more money than you have on a birthday party. Make your budget clear to your chosen location, and work with them to develop a party plan and catering option that works within that budget. Don’t let yourself be bullied into spending more than you can afford. Our party professionals at Speed Raceway will work with you to develop the perfect party package for your child’s special day that fits within your budget.

Think about a weekday party

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays tend to be the most popular party times, thus they are the most likely to book up fast. If you and your guests are flexible, think about a weekday or weeknight party. There will be less crowds for the kids, and you’re more likely to get the exact date you want.

Find meaningful/practical goodie bags

How many times have you come home from a kids’ birthday party only to take one look at the junk in the goodie bag and toss it in the trash? Don’t give your guests cheap toys. Figure out something meaningful and/or useful instead. Water bottles with specially made labels are inexpensive, yet they can be extremely useful after an active birthday party. See if the place hosting your party offers coupons or free visits for guests. Parents and kids would be much happier with a free or discounted trip back to the party location than with some bubbles and pencils.

Don’t have a birthday party every year

There’s no need to do a big party every year. There also doesn’t have to be a pattern to your birthday parties (i.e. every 3 years). Decide with your family what you can afford and when you want to have big parties. Milestones like 5 or 10 can be big for kids, so you might want to celebrate only those birthdays. Or you might want to decide based on your budget and what you have going on every year. Bottom line: don’t feel pressured to throw a big party every year. Figure out what works for you, and don’t worry about what other parents are doing.


Use these 11 birthday party hacks every parent should know about to simplify your child’s next birthday party so that you, your child, and your guests will all have a great time without any added stress. Contact us today, and let us help you pick the perfect party package for your birthday boy or girl!

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