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Why Not All Birthday Parties Are Created Equal

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Dec.27, 2014 2:00 AM

Hosting a party at home often seems like a good idea. After all, how hard can it be to entertain your child’s friends and their parents? Yet hosting a party at a fun location like Speed Raceway is even easier than holding it at home, and we guarantee it is a lot more fun. Here’s a step by step comparison of a home party versus a party at a go-kart racing track that will convince you that all birthday parties are not created equal:


  • Home: Hosting a party at your home means that the space available is limited to the size of your home. You may have to limit the amount of guests based on how many people you can comfortably fit inside your home. Plus, you’ll have to clean ahead of time, decorate, and then clean up afterwards. We’re starting to get tired just thinking about all the preparation and clean up involved in hosting a party at your house!
  • Go-karting track: Hosting your party at Speed Raceway means you don’t need to do any cleaning, decorating, or clean up. Simply call us, set up your reservation time, and let our party planning pros take care of the rest! You are welcome to include decorations, but our party rooms that overlook the go-karting race track are decorative and exciting all on their own. We can host parties big or small, so there is no need to limit the guest list just to fit everyone inside the venue.


  • Home: You have some options when you host at home regarding food. You can make the food yourself, cater food in, or decide not to have any food (but really, we don’t recommend that last option). The main issue as far as food goes is keeping your carpet and furniture safe while all those hungry kids devour your food inside your home. You also need to have a place to set the food out and constantly monitor the food and drink situation throughout the party instead of actually enjoying yourself.
  • Go-karting track: Speed Raceway works with some of the best restaurants in town, and we can help you choose the best food option for your party. Your designated party pro will be in charge of monitoring the food so you can enjoy eating.


  • Home: You’re at the mercy of the size of your house as far as activities go. Sure, a piñata is fun… for about the 5 minutes it takes for the kids to open it. If you can’t keep the kids entertained after the piñata, they will start entertaining themselves, and you know that can only mean trouble. And more messes to clean up once they’re gone.
  • Go-karting track: Do we even need to say it? Speed Raceway’s main attraction is, of course, go-karting, which is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. When the kids aren’t racing, they can have a blast in the arcade playing video games.


  • Home: The most excitement you’ll have at your home party is the thrill of saying good-bye to the last guest to leave. Sure, the kids will have a decent time playing, eating, and watching your child open presents, but a home party just isn’t exciting.
  • Go-karting track: Nothing beats the thrill of go-kart racing with all your friends. Your child and his/her friends will have the time of their life racing each other at Speed Raceway. Hands down, a party at Speed Raceway will be the most exciting party your child attends all year.

When you’re ready to start planning for your child’s special day, give us a call. We’ll talk you through our party options, and on the big day we’ll set you up with a party pro who will guide you through every step of the way so you and your child can have fun without all the hassle that comes with a home birthday party. Contact us today, and we will help you plan the best birthday party ever!



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