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Why All Bachelor Parties Should Start With Indoor Go Kart Racing

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Oct.28, 2014 9:30 AM


It is your night. This is your bachelor party, and the night intended to sow all of your wild oats with your friends before getting married. You might have a night planned of bar hopping and some other less talked about activities. However, you should start your evening off at Speed Raceway. There are few reasons why all bachelor parties should start with indoor go kart racing, including:

Friendly Competition

Yes, you are spending your evening with all of your closest guy friends. However, all of you love a little friendly competition. Whether it is your turn to race or cheer for your favorite driver, go kart racing is the perfect form of friendly competition. It is the great way to put your bachelor party on the right course. After a winner is chosen, the rest of the evening can be about having fun together with the competition out of the way.


There is nothing more fun than zooming around the track in your own go-kart. Our Italian go-karts are designed for speed and run on electricity so there will not be any of those smelly fumes you remember from childhood. After completing each race, you and your group will get a printout with the statistics from your race and some other interesting facts.

Your Own Space

If you make arrangements for your group in advance, you can reserve a special room just for your groups’ use. You can arrange to have snacks brought in or do a presentation about the bridegroom. This will be a designated party space where all of you can get together in between races to brag or trash talk about who is going to win the next set of races.


At Speed Raceway, we are ready to accommodate you and the guys. Our indoor go kart racing track is a ¼ mile of fun and thrills. Your races will last for 14 laps. We have two convenient locations for your bachelor party: one in South Jersey and another in Philadelphia. We are open daily for your convenience. When you are ready to make us your first stop on the night of your bachelor party, please feel free to contact us, and our party planners will work with you to make your event unforgettable.

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