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Dec.18, 2014 2:30 AM


It’s almost the end of 2014, and somehow you’ve made it. Soon we’ll be ringing in the New Year and making resolutions, but first let’s toast the end of this one. It’s time to gather our friends, coworkers and employees together and have a good time.

Unfortunately, the end of the year is a busy time. Poeple have all kinds of events planed already, so if you want to be able to compete with all the other distractions, you need to plan a truly memorable event. That is why we wanted to help you with this list of the seven ways to throw a kick ass party:

  1. Your Team Hit Their Goals -

    You’ve all worked your butts off. Your team hit their goals, heck maybe even succeeded them, so it’s time to have fun and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

  2. Extra Money in The Budget -

    Being frugal and smart all year has paid off and now there’s a little extra in the budget. Use that money to reward your employees and help strengthen working relationships with an awesome party.

  3. Nobody Broke Anything -

    It’s hard working with older equipment and hoping for an upgrade is futile. Hey, you all made it through another year without smashing it with a bat and setting it on fire though. That’s something to celebrate.

  4. You Got Skills -

    You have some serious skills on the race track, and what better way to show them off than at a Go Kart Racing track.

  5. It’s Been To Long -

    The year gets away from us sometimes. Careers, families, kids, pets and everything else eats away at our time with friends. Now’s the time for a kick ass, end of the year blowout to reconnect.

  6. Blow Off Some Steam -

    Time to shake off all that stress and tension and blow off some steam. Enter the New Year with a refreshed attitude and mindset.

  7. You’re All Awesome -

    You, your friends, coworkers, and employees are all awesome. Who needs a better reason than that for a celebration?

There are as many reasons to throw a kick ass party as there are snowflakes. Really though, at the end of the day, do you need a good reason? It’s all about having fun, enjoying the people around you, and making memories. If you want to kick your part up to the next level with go kart racing then contact us today. We’re always happy to help.


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