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7 Outside the Box Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Jan.06, 2015 7:30 AM


During the most romantic time of the year, show your Valentine that you truly care about them. Rather than just dropping money on an expensive gift or fancy dinner, make a memory that will last forever. Try out one of these 7 outside-the-box Valentine’s Day date ideas for a one-of-a-kind date.

1) Volunteer Project:

Pick a volunteer project that both you and partner would enjoy together. Not only will you be sending your love and good will towards others, but at the same time you can learn about a cause that matters to your partner. You’ll cherish the time spent together and will make an impact on your community. Causes such as the SPCA, soup kitchens or spending time with the elderly are all viable options.

2) Electric Go Carting:

Keep warm and still have fun by going to an electric indoor go carting center like Speed Raceway. You can drive in the fast lane while having some competitive fun with your date. Since the go carts are electric, you can avoid the smell of fumes and gasoline. This date is good for any age and is relatively inexpensive compared to a restaurant outing. You certainly will receive an unforgettable adrenaline rush that will make your heart beat faster than just a usual dinner date.

3) Scavenger Hunt:

Set up a fun adventure for your date by trying a scavenger hunt together or with another couple. You can search the net for scavenger hunt ideas or tasks, and then complete each challenge with a picture as proof. You can make it a race or simply enjoy the time together. At the end, you will have photo memories that captured the night.

4) Ice Skating or Snow Tubing:

If you and your date like the brisk outdoors, try ice skating or snow tubing. Ice skating can be a challenging task that may force you and your date to lean on each other. Depending on each other will not only bring you closer together, but also have you giggling when you both fall. If you’re more adventurous, another outdoor option could be tandem snow tubing.

5) Cook or Bake Dinner Together:

Spend time together by cooking and baking your holiday dinner together. Working alongside each other is a fun way to enjoy the company of your date. Once the meal is prepared, it is exciting to see and taste the product that you both made together.

6) Carriage Ride or Walking Tour:

A carriage ride or walking tour can be a date option that you may not have considered. Even if you are familiar with the area, a carriage ride throughout your city or town is a romantic gesture. Perhaps you both will learn things about your community that you never knew before that night.

7) Take a Class Together:

Talk to your significant other and ask them what new activity they would want to try. This could include dance classes, cooking classes, art and pottery classes, etc. Learning new skills together might just create date night hobby.


From volunteering to go carting to cooking, these activities are sure to create memorable experiences. No matter what activity you choose, spending time together is the most important gift of all.
If you have any questions or concerns about planning a date at Speed Raceway, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can also feel free to keep checking out our blog, or you can download our Racing Tips Guide in order to bring your A-game to the track.

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