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5 Ways to Convince Your Boss on Corporate Team Building at Speed Raceway

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Jul.13, 2013 6:27 AM

Let’s be real, sometimes work can be stressful. With the various assignments, responsibilities and deadlines constantly keeping you awake, no day at the office is easy. Don’t forget about the boss too! Even though he might not be as bad as Kevin Spacey in the movie Horrible Bosses, he’s still pretty tough on you. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a break from work for a while AND take it to your boss? Why not push for a corporate team building event at Speed Raceway then? What better way to get back at your boss then by burning rubber on the track and leaving him in your dust? Now if only you could convince him to take everyone out to the track, your plan would be perfect!

Luckily we’re on your side and have come up with a list of reasons why a corporate team building event driving Gokarts around all day is good for business!

1. It gives the workers a much needed break from a stressful job

On average, salaried employees are working well over 40 hours a week and trends are showing that more and more people are either bringing work home with them in order to stay ahead and meet deadlines or having work follow them home via cell phones and the internet. Slowly, work is taking over the lives of your boss’ workforce and they aren’t happy about it. Shouldn’t they be rewarded with a change in scenery and a little fun for once at work? A few laps in Speed Raceway’s gokarts will definitely do the trick!

2. It builds camaraderie between coworkers

A massive shift towards team and group work in the professional world has taken place as strategic teams and planning groups are being created more and more to deal with various business problems. The way these group members is essential to the success of not only the group but also the company, so shouldn’t they be given the chance to strengthen their bonds in a less formal and tense setting? A prescription for gokart fun with a little dose of healthy competition is perfect for creating stronger teams!

3. It doesn’t have to bankrupt the company

Especially in this time of economic hardship for many industries, your boss might say that it might just be too expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Speed Raceway provides you with a variety of racing packages meant to match your company’s needs and budget so that you can still have fun while not breaking the bank!

4. It’s not just driving around Gokarts, there are meeting rooms and catering options to make the most of your event

Even with the previous two bits of ammunition, your boss might not be sold on taking everyone around the track just yet. So make sure that he knows about Speed Raceway’s fully equipped conference rooms and catering services meant to aid you in holding a fun-yet-productive corporate team building event. With the help of these conference rooms, you can not only take a break from racing, but also conduct meetings, hold conferences or even bring in corporate speakers like Extraordinary People’s Robert White to educate and motivate the workforce! Not only do you get to go for a few laps around the gokart track, but your boss also gets to make sure you and your coworkers are growing as professionals.

5. It’s a proven success for other corporate team building events

If the idea of holding a corporate team building event at Speed Raceway is starting to seem like a good idea to your boss, but isn’t completely sold yet, it’s time to pull out the last reason to push him over the edge: tons of businesses have already done it and they’ve loved it! And we’re not just talking about small companies either, but major corporations like Pugs, Inc. an affordable sunglass manufacturer that sells their products nation-wide, including in 7-Elevens! Even sports teams have taken notice as The Colorado Mammoth have held team events here while various other professional athletes have been spotted on the track getting competitive!

No matter what your boss’ pain points are for not wanting to take the employees out for a spin, we believe we’ve given you just the ammunition to get past his objections! So memorize these points and storm into your boss’ office ready to sell them on a corporate team building event at Speed Raceway!

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