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5 Overlooked Occasions Companies Should Be Celebrating

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Jan.13, 2015 9:30 AM

The holidays are over, which means many companies think that they don’t need to worry about hosting an event for another year. But the holiday season isn’t the only time to host an event! Here are five overlooked occasions companies should be celebrating:

Company anniversaries:

Anniversaries are important dates, especially if you’re running a small but successful business. Even larger corporations host anniversary events to commemorate the date the company started. Celebrating when your company reaches a major milestone, whether it’s based on sales, customers, or a particular anniversary brings a personal touch to the company and reminds employees why your company is such a great place to work.

Meeting goals:

Setting goals is an important part of business, but often the accomplishment of actually meeting the goals goes unrecognized. Use a fun social event as a reward for meeting a particular goal. This helps to incentivize employees and makes the deadline more personal. The event will make employees feel good when they earn it by reaching the goal.

Product launch:

Invite some members of the public or major clients to join you in a company event to showcase a new product. This is a good way to sell your new product in a no-pressure social environment. Your clients will appreciate getting some star treatment and being included in the fun, and they will also get a chance to really understand your new product.


Finishing a major project:

Your employees are all focused on a major project, and at the end of it they want to do something to celebrate a job well done. A fun company event is a great way to have fun and also keep employees engaged with each other. They will remember the good feelings of being recognized and appreciated, which will motivate them to tackle the next project with enthusiasm and pride.

Company promotion:

Hosting some sort of company event is a good way to promote your business and garner some outside attention. Encourage employees to bring friends from outside the company to attend, and give away some cool company swag to promote your business.

Whether you’re trying to get employees together for a stress-free celebration or are working on selling your products to top customers, Speed Raceway is the perfect place for your next company event. We combine the fun and excitement of go-kart racing with professional meeting space if you need to get some business done during your event. Please feel free to contact us at any time to speak with an event host and work out the details of your next event.

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