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5 Great Ideas for a Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Nov.17, 2014 9:30 AM

Kids’ birthday parties aren’t what they used to be. The days when having a few friends over for cake and ice cream in the backyard have given way to a host of new and exciting ways to celebrate your child’s birthday at a venue designed just for that purpose. In Philadelphia, the choices are virtually unlimited. Here are five birthday party ideas around Philadelphia which rise to the top of the heap. They’re all great, but each one of the list is just a little better than the one above it, and #1 is the best:

#5: Lens Friends

Lens Friends provides a unique venue to celebrate your daughter’s birthday with photography. Parties, which typically last for about two hours, include pizza and beverages. Guest take away a goodie bag with personalized DVDs (in high resolution) and an assortment of other treats. Lens Friends offers a wide variety of themes and props to individualize your daughter’s special day.

#4: The Great Holtzie

You can invite this award-winning “stand-up comic for kids” to help celebrate your son’s or daughter’s next birthday. Holtzie gets the kids laughing with a high-powered show that lasts about 45 minutes. He’s been called the “anti-Mister Rogers,” so be prepared for some unexpected fun which will keep the kids laughing, and probably you, too.

#3: Franklin Square

The Franklin Square Pavilion offers a two-hour party where the kids can ride the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel, play golf and have some arts and crafts fun. You can also choose from a lot of great options, like having face painters entertain the kids, or bringing in a balloon artist. There’s also pizza supplied by Square Burger.

#2: Sesame Place

Whether or not your kids are fans of the show, they’ll have a great time sharing their meal with Elmo and other Sesame Street favorites. The show characters will entertain the kids with a “Happy Birthday” song, bring a cake to each table, and everyone leaves with a special Sesame Street mug.

#1: Speed Raceway

While the other options are great, Speed Raceway is the hands-down winner for fun and excitement, a first-class go kart racing entertainment venue that’s as appealing for the adults in the crowd as for the kids. With two venues to choose from (in Cinnaminson, NY and Horsham, PA), Speed Raceway offers a true racing experience on state-of-the-art indoor racetracks and electric go carts which are pretty hard to top for thrills. And your party will include tokens, trophies and T-Shirts to add to the fun. You can fully customize your birthday event and select a themed party room rental and a dedicated event host.


If you would like help organizing your next Philadelphia-area birthday party, please consider Speed Raceway. And if you would like to learn more tips about party planning, please check out additional information on our website.

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