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4 Reasons Your Kid is Ready For a Birthday Party Outside The House

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Oct.14, 2014 1:30 AM

Since the time your child was a toddler, you have been having the most amazing at home birthday parties. You have filled your South Jersey home with colorful balloons and streamers. Your home has been filled each year with screaming children having the time of their lives. Each year, your child has been excited to plan the theme of their next birthday party so you could get started planning the decorations. However, this year they might not seem so excited at the prospect of an at home birthday party. Here are four reasons your kid is ready for a birthday party outside the house.


As your child grows up, doing things at home with the family becomes less and less “cool.” They are ready to go out and find adventure in a new environment. They have celebrated their birthday every year in this one place. With age, comes the need to breakaway from the home environment and try something new to celebrate their birthday.


Each year, your child has grown more and more independent. You encourage this independence in many ways from allowing them to choose their own outfits for school to choosing what movie to watch on Friday nights. It is only normal that as your child grows more independent other traditions will fall by the wayside. When your child asks to have their birthday party away from the house this year, you will know you have done a great job of allowing them to express their independence.

Need To Impress Their Friends

As your child grows up, they will begin to want to impress their friends. In the case of your traditional at home birthday party, they will want to go somewhere “cool” with exciting things to do and try. This is their chance to have a good time with friends and make a great impression on their school friends.

A Need To Try New Things

Each year, your child has tried new things. From multiplication tables to playing an instrument, your child has learned new skills and tried things he or she might have found frightening in the past. This need to try new things is all part of growing up. As they begin to explore more new things, it is time to move the location of their birthday party from your house to somewhere “cool.”


Here at Speed Raceway, we know all about being “cool” and planning birthday parties your child will remember for a lifetime. Your child and his or her friends are going to love a birthday party filled with go-kart racing. As an indoor facility, you will not need to worry about the weather being rainy or too cold. We offer you two convenient locations and daily hours that fit your schedule. Contact us to get started planning a birthday party to remember.

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