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3 Ideas for Killer Corporate Events

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Mar.13, 2014 11:30 AM

If you own or work for a corporation or have ever done so, you have probably encountered plenty of poorly planned “employee days.” Unfortunately, it is very often that very little about the actual event, other than the name, seems like it was designed with the employees’ enjoyment in mind. Instead, these events are often shoddily thrown together with very little planned out and even less productivity built into the framework of the activity. The worst part is your team doesn’t enjoy themselves or get any value out of the experience. Essentially, your team falls behind on work while your business wastes money on an event no one enjoys or benefits from. That is why we have put together these pieces of advice for throwing truly enjoyable and productive corporate events in Philadelphia.

Plan Accordingly

You would be astonished at how little planning goes into many of these events. For some reason, people rarely apply the same amount of thought into planning a corporate event than they would their own party. Often, this is because the person planning the event is either too busy to care or too restricted in budget or activities to feel a since of ownership over the event.

If you are in charge of planning your next team building event at work, put in the necessary effort and make plans ahead of time. This should give you the proper amount of time to make the necessary changes to the plans without having to make any last-minute changes that can be hard and/or annoying to accommodate.

Keep Meetings Short and Sweet

Corporate events in Philadelphia are no different than those held in other major cities. The purpose of the event is two-fold. First, your team is in need of a mental breather. For this reason, I think all corporate events should take place somewhere other than your office, but some people disagree with that. What people do not disagree on is that these ideally your guests will finish the event refreshed and recharged to get back to their regular duties. That typically doesn’t happen when the entire event feels like a long day of meetings at the office. So if you need to spend some of your event time taking care of important matters, be sure to make the presentations short and sweet, so your team can maximize their much-deserved R&R time.

Plan a Delicious Menu

This may be the most important advice when it comes to planning these types of things. Food makes or breaks an event, so if you want your team to truly enjoy themselves while also being receptive and focus to presentations and team building activities, make sure you provide some quality food. Also, more Americans are vegetarian, vegan, and lactose and gluten intolerant than ever before, so make sure you are aware of and cater to any dietary restrictions.


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