5 Tips to Improve Your Lap Time

5 Tips To Improve Your Lap Times

  1. Get comfortable. Whether this means adjusting foot pedals, grabbing a booster seat, or tightening your seatbelt a little more you want to make sure you are comfortable and ready to race! Having a lose seatbelt or trying to constantly reach the pedals the whole time can lead to a distracted mind! A distracted mind means you aren’t focused on the race!
  2. Look ahead! Not only is looking behind you dangerous-it can affect your laptimes! Looking forward ensures you have enough time to make a change if necessary. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid collisions-looking ahead will help with this!
  3. Shift your weight. This may be the most important tip because it can drastically improve your lap time! As you make your way through each corner, try to shift your weight with the direction of the turn. This allows you to make quicker turns.

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  1. Go easy on the corners. Many new or inexperienced drivers take turns too quickly and lose time either trying to recover or realign the kart. Whereas more experienced drivers ease into corners by letting go of the gas or lightly braking. By doing this they can quickly accelerate into a straightaway and get the ultimate lap time!
  2. HAVE FUN! Even if you follow none of the other tips I have listed above, the most important thing is to be safe and have fun!

Finding A Hobby Or Extra-Curricular Your Child Loves

Fast equals fun at Speed Raceway NJ & PA

Growing up, I played sports as most other kids do. I tried out softball for a few years, field hockey, and even lacrosse. Lacrosse was undoubtedly my favorite. However, I was never the BEST at it. I am extremely hard on myself, like most, and I became easily discouraged because I was never the best on the team. I enjoyed playing because it was a way for me to hang out with my friends and be a part of something. Over the years I participated in other activities as well.

You name it, I probably tried it. I did gymnastics when I was very little, took guitar lessons, participated in choir and theater, I did Girl Scouts…but by far my favorite activity was probably horseback riding.

I got into horseback riding in a very odd way. I went to the library with my family as we occasionally did and outside they happened to have a petting zoo. I started talking to the lady who ran the petting zoo and told her how I had always wanted to take horseback riding lessons, but never could afford it. She offered me a deal. I helped her take care of her farm (feeding animals, bathing them, cleaning out stalls/cages etc) and in exchange I could have an hour riding lesson, and some riding time once a week. I was beyond excited.

I was a natural at horseback riding. It came to me so easy. Before I knew it I was going on solo trail rides, and even practicing tricks and other different things with my horse, Trigger. I had never been so happy!

It took me a few years to find something I really loved doing, but eventually I did find it. Many kids go through the same thing I did. They like playing sports, but often get discouraged because they aren’t good at it. Kids who participate in extra-curricular activities are more likely to get good grades, complete school, and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

If they don’t like soccer, or football, encourage them to do something else! Schools have plenty of FREE extra-curricular activities but there are also a wide variety of other activities they can do. There’s bowling leagues, 4-H, rock climbing, photography, knitting, or maybe even…go-karting!

Finding something that your child loves and finding something that they’re good at is so important. Some of the best memories your child can create can stem from sports, extra-curriculars, and hobbies.

Getting Over Fears

People fear the unknown. If they aren’t exactly sure what is going to happen, many times people don’t even want to approach it. That is why people are scared of things like skydiving, go-karting, roller-coasters, etc. You don’t always know the end result of what will happen or how you will feel but that is the magic of it all.

For most of my life, I was terrified of bridges. This fear stemmed from a scary experience I had as a child. It was caused by a trip I had taken to New York City with my parents. I was having the best day. I saw all of the major sites including the World Trade Center, Times Square, and even the Statue of Liberty. We also had plans to see my aunt who lived in Brooklyn at the time. We started to make the drive towards Brooklyn and had to go over the Brooklyn Bridge.

if you know anything about the Brooklyn Bridge, it is one of the oldest bridges in the United States. Additionally it is a suspension bridge. A bad storm was coming and on top of it we hit traffic. We were stuck on the bridge. All I can remember as a child was the bridge starting to sway a little bit back and forth due to the storm. I remember crying and being so scared. I thought for sure we were going to fall off of the bridge. Eventually we crossed the bridge, and we were fine. But from that point on, I was terrified of bridges.

Flash forward about 10 years. I was 17, had just gotten my license, and was feeling invincible. I worked to buy my own first car. It was a piece of junk, but it was mine. Although I now had the freedom to drive where I wanted, I managed to avoid crossing a bridge for two years.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I finally had to face my fear. My parents had moved me in, and usually picked me up if I wanted to come home for the weekend. If they couldn’t pick me up- public transportation was super easy to use.It wasn’t until winter break that I had to face my fear. Neither of my parent could take me back to school because of work. I packed up my belongings and headed back to school. I started my car, and began the drive. As I got closer to the bridge, I gripped the wheel tighter and tighter. I began to get very anxious and even started to sweat a little. I paid the toll, and over the bridge I went. Eventually, I realized I was over the bridge and that I had actually done it. To this day, I still can’t look over the sides of bridges. I am still not completely over my fear, but I now know I can at least do it.

Some people never get over their fears. I am happy that I was able to face my fear even though it was out of necessity. Working at Speed Raceway, I come into contact with people facing their fears all the time. People of all ages can be afraid of go-karts. You would think it is just small children, but trust me, I have met many adults who are just as frightened as the kids. One of my favorite parts of this job is watching people face their fears. Talking them into doing it, watching them get their safety briefing, getting into the karts, etc, is so exciting to me. It is even better when our customers come out of the race and wind up LOVING it. The excitement and happiness on their faces are priceless.

If you are looking to get over a fear, i highly reccommend getting out their and just DOING it. You never know, you may discover you actually really enjoy whatever it is you are so afraid of!

Rather than Share a meal, Share an experience

You have just gotten home from work. You start to make dinner for you and your significant other. It’s a Friday night and for once neither of you have plans, but want to go out. You don’t want to see a movie or go to the bar. You want to try something new, fun and exciting. You decide to look online and seek other options. You find go-karting on a list of “Fun Date Ideas” online.

Go-Karting makes for a great date night for many reasons. In general an activity is always an awesome idea for a date. Not only does it give you both something to do but, you automatically have something to talk about. Another reason is that it provides couples-2some fun, friendly competition between the two of you. You can talk about what you liked about the race, how you tackled the course, ways to improve your lap time, etc.

Speed Raceway is the perfect place to come bring your date whether you are bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend. People of all ages love it too! We offer various different packages and specials both during the week and on weekends (perfect for couples who can’t always go out on weekends because of work) so that you can enjoy racing ANYTIME!

Our most common ‘date night’ package would be our First Timer’s Special which can be purchased in the facility your first time here, any time, and seven days a week!

This special includes two races and your membership for $37 per person. One race is up to 14 laps around our quarter-mile track. The race itself lasts about 10 minutes long, however the racing experience (going through your safety briefing course, getting equipment on, into karts, etc) takes about 20 minutes.

Two races is a good amount of races to start with for a date night. During your first race you can discover the layout of the track. After you are done racing you can come off and talk to your date and then both try and tackle the course again. We offer two, Formula One inspired tracks in our facility so you may even be able to try out both if you wanted to. If you REALLY like the racing you can even purchase additional races!

Besides racing, we also offer arcade games and food. You and your date can play some games and enjoy some food before, during or after your races. Additionally the atmosphere is great because although races are happening and we have music playing, you can still partake in a conversation with your date. We have everything you need right here in the facility not only making it a fun time, but it’s also super easy and convenient. You can focus on your date which is the most important part! So if you’re tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” RACE on in to Speed Raceway today!

Go Karting – Perfect for Wedding Parties

bachelor-party-8-by-4Millennials are an interesting group of people. According to Forbes.com, there are about 80 million millennials in the United States alone. Millennials are passionate about their beliefs, are technology loving, and thrill seeking individuals.

These thrill-seeking individuals are always looking for new things to do or new places to go. This time of year happens to be wedding season which often times millennials dread due to the fact that it involves a lot of typical planning, or includes the same old boring activities.

Pre-wedding planning not only means picking out food, a dress, the music, a venue, etc. but that also means planning your bachelor/bachelorette party.

More often than not, people have an entire day of fun filled things to do for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Some of those things include:



-going to a gun range

-trampoline parks

-laser tag

– and sometimes go-karting!

Not only does go-karting provide the thrill the millennials seek, but it’s also a fun, safe, and different way to celebrate your big, action-packed day! It’s also perfect for both men and women of all ages!

Speed Raceway offers party packages for both bachelor and bachelorette parties! Our party packages include a reserved start time for you and your guests as well as the use of a private party room or our track-side lounge if you would like to use either room. All of our packages include at least 2 races per person and medals for the top three finishers. You can choose from a variety of packages that offer upgrades such as tokens for the arcade, trophies for the top three finishers, and even a t-shirt.

The best part of all? We take care of everything for you! You just have to invite your guests and show up! The rest will be taken care of by our event coordinator and your party host or hostess the day of the event.

Rather than stressing out about planning something else for your wedding (or worse doing something everyone else has already done) choose something FUN, EASY, and DIFFERENT for your bachelor or bachelorette party! If you want to have an unforgettable experience that will have your friends talking for months, be sure to include Speed Raceway. Contact us for more information.

Wisdom from Women Leaders

By: Karen Higgins, Immediate Past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Philadelphia Center for Advancing Entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that men and women are different (we all know “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars”) and there is no question that women and men lead in different ways.

According to the Pew Research Center survey (November 2014), women and men are considered fairly equal in their overall capabilities of being good business leaders; however, there are specific traits in which one gender tends to be more proficient than the other.  The Pew Research Center survey seems to be in agreement with most other reports on genders and leadership, finding that women tend to rank higher in honesty and being more ethical than their male counterparts; and also are more likely to ensure fair pay and good benefits for their staff and provide better guidance or mentorship to young employees.  On the other hand, men are perceived to be more decisive and more willing to take risks.  This doesn’t mean women are better business leaders than men or vice a versa.  It just means that they are just different. Continue reading

How to put the FUN into Fundraising

Whether you’re a seasoned planner for a big NPO or just a local youth sports team coach, chances are you need to raise money. With trillion dollar deficits and government spending cut backs, some of the most influential programs and organizations for health, youth, environmental and educational work have seen their funding limited recently. School sports and music programs are either underfunded or have been eliminated completely. While some of the biggest health causes must rely more on private funding versus government assistance. This has increasingly come at the cost of our future generations. Sports and music programs in particular have continued to show huge benefits for our youth. They are linked to improved learning, language development, higher IQ, improved social skills, greater self esteem and confidence. Yet we continue to neglect these benefits when we under fund or eliminate these programs.

If you’re a mom or dad, I’m sure you’re familiar with signing your kid up for a sports team only to learn that you must pay additional for their uniforms and travel. Most teams and schools have elected to utilize fundraising to supplement the lost funding for these programs. However even the most seasoned pros in the fundraising game are stuck with the same tired and boring methods. The walk-a-thon, the bake sale, the door-to-door sale of candy bars. These are all great ideas, but once people have attended or supported one or two, they associate the past effort with all other similar events in the future. So if you’re contemplating another fundraiser, try these new and fun ideas instead. Your guests will thank you for not having to sit through another bingo night or designer bag raffle. And you’ll reap the benefit of excited and engaged supporters.

Keep it Fun and Exciting

Although the above mentioned fundraising activities can be successful, to get the best turnout and the most motivated supporters try an activity that is new, different and exciting. By making it fun, the whole day will seem less like a chore and more like a rewarding and fulfilling experience. When supporters feel like they are part of something great, they’ll buy in to your message and open their wallets. Go kart racing nights are fun for all and easy to plan. Guest attend your designated event day and race, eat, and play arcade games and pool with friends, family and other supporters of your cause. You’ll receive a portion of the proceeds as well as fantastic memories. Other outside-the-box alternatives include roller skating nights, bowling and jump parks. All of these activities are group oriented and active which will keep people engaged. Fast equals fun

Get Everyone Involved

Young, old and in between, To have a successful turnout, you’ll need the support of everyone in your circle. In order to entice the best crowd, pick an event that is fun for all ages. Some activities including beef and beers, walk-a-thons and designer bag bingo mostly cater to adults. By eliminating your guest’s kids from the event, the logistics of attending become more difficult. Donating time and money can be one thing, but shelling out an extra $75 for a sitter can be asking too much. Additionally, some events can cater to just kids. Craft based fun and door-to-door candy sales are great for the eager youth, but most adults will sit on the sidelines. By choosing an activity that all can enjoy, you’ll maximize your turnout and your dollars raised. fundraiser event supporters



Full Arcade for Added Fun

Be the Spark that Ignites Innovation

IBM, a 130-year old company, didn’t get where it is today without constant innovation.  Disney started out as a cartoon studio and has evolved to a leading entertainment company always creating new products and new businesses.  And, Apple didn’t stop after it developed its first computer in 1976 – it has progressed into phones, online music, watches, and who knows what’s next.

Innovation is imperative in today’s fast-paced business world.  No company will be successful by staying stagnant.  As markets change, technologies advance and trends shift, you must continue to evolve to stay ahead of your competition.  The challenge so many businesses face is that they are so focused on the day-to-day – answering the needs of their existing customers – they seldom look ahead and anticipate future needs and trends.

In a recent survey from PwC, 56 percent of the respondents said that innovation is the main opportunity for growth in their companies.  It is no longer a luxury, but a foundation for future growth.

Innovation doesn’t mean just developing new products or service offerings to meet customer demands, it can also mean entering new markets to boost revenue or streamlining processes to increase speed, improve quality, cut costs, or reduce time to market.

For example, while Tesla Motors has been praised for its innovation last year of its self-driving car, Starbucks has been recognized for its new employee college tuition program aimed at retaining its hourly employees.

Customers have little patience today, especially younger generations that expect everything immediately.  They no longer have the loyalty of past generations to stick with an outdated product and wait for it to catch up with the competition.  They will easily move on to another option without a second thought, putting you at risk of losing both existing and prospective customers if you don’t innovate.

You can also run the risk of operating inefficiently if you don’t make the necessary changes to keep up with the times.  By improving your business processes, you can save valuable time, money and resources.  If you produce a product more efficiently, you may be able to cut costs and sell it at a lower price point than your competition – increasing your profit margin at the same time.  Furthermore, stagnant companies are more likely to lose good employees who want to work for companies on the cutting edge of their industries, making innovation a priority for every business.


Innovation from the Top Down

The drive to innovate must come from the top.  It is the CEO’s responsibility to provide the vision for their company and therefore, they must be the driving force for encouraging innovation throughout the organization.

CEOs are often wearing multiple hats and struggle to focus on the near-term challenges while also formulating a vision for the future.  With short-term revenue goals, increasing competition and other demands that CEOs face on a daily basis, it is difficult to carve out the time to look to the future.

However, the CEO does not need to take on the responsibility of developing new, innovative ideas on their own.  They need to create an environment that fosters innovation from all employees on an ongoing basis and ingrain it into the corporate culture.

As the visionary, the CEO needs to empower others to generate new ideas and hold them accountable.  The challenge is that employees are often uneasy about taking time away from their day-to-day responsibilities and are apprehensive about taking risks that might put their job in danger.  Just like with other aspects of the business, such as reaching sales goals and meeting deadlines, innovation needs to be rewarded to motivate repeatable action.  CEOs should inspire employees to be creative and encourage them to always think about continuous improvement.

Innovation has become so important to a business’ success that some organizations have appointed Chief Innovation Officers responsible for leading innovation efforts on a regular basis.  If your organization does not have the bandwidth for this position, a CEO should ensure that they have a management team that is continually looking to the future and is sending the right signals to their employees to encourage innovation.

Some companies have even created specific programs within their companies to drive innovation, including Adobe’s Kickstart initiative and LinkedIn [in]cubater program.

Although disruptive innovation can be powerful in taking a company to the next level, incremental innovation can be the difference between success and failure.  Innovation needs to be ongoing.  It shouldn’t be an ad-hoc process that the management team discusses once a year.  You need to develop a strategy to ensure you always have a pipeline of new ideas and actively manage those ideas to bring them to fruition.  Innovation should be a regular topic on the agenda for every management meeting.


Jump-starting Ideas

While the generation of new ideas should be ongoing, it is difficult to be creative in the office where there are so many distractions.  The workplace can often be a hindrance to innovation as employees are so focused on their everyday tasks and addressing the challenges that arise.

Online communications can also be harmful to creativity.  We’ve become so dependent on communicating through email and holding meetings via video conferences that we have lost the personal interaction among co-workers that often fuels innovation.  Despite the increased productivity that new technologies offer, face-to-face meetings are still important for good team collaboration.

Off-site meetings have been proven to be extremely valuable in eliminating distractions, getting employees fully engaged and stimulating creativity.  CEOs should encourage periodic off-site events to help rid their team of distractions and get their motors running.

Many organizations hold off-site meetings in hotel conference rooms or other similar meeting spaces.  Although this gets employees in a new setting, they are often not much different than the meeting rooms at their offices.  Venues that have activities that enable team-bonding and camaraderie have proven to be extremely beneficial to jump-starting the creative juices and getting ideas flowing.

To encourage camaraderie and creativity, team-building exercises can be very effective.  Often exposing employees to new experiences, these activities help them think out of their normal routine and enable them to work together in a different environment and demonstrate different skills than they do in their day-to-day jobs.  These exercises help co-workers get to know each other better, facilitating better communications and improving future collaboration.  They can also be excellent for developing problem-solving skills and breaking down barriers often found in a corporate setting.


Be the Champion of Innovation

As Steve Job’s said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.  CEOs must be the champion of innovation for their organization.  Think of yourself as the racecar driver and your employees as the pit crew.  You need to lead your team to continuously improve your products, services and operations to stay on the lead lap.  There are a lot of bends in the road on the track to success and you need to adjust and innovate to overcome obstacles in order to beat your competitors.

Ignite Your Corporate Team - Find Out How

Drive workforce engagement, or get left behind the curve.

For decades, businesses have operated under the precept that strong leadership can navigate any changing tide. However, according to Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends survey, the rapidly evolving dynamic between employers and employees can stress even the most capable leaders if organizations don’t rethink how they manage, evaluate, and reward their people. While building strong leadership remains paramount to every business, this year’s findings show that “culture and engagement was rated the most important issue overall” for corporate groups and employees alike. Not only that, the study shows that a significant gap exists between the importance of this issue and the readiness and ability of most company’s to address it.

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Go-Kart Racing Like a Champ… an 8 Time NHRA Champ!

Speed Raceway Cinnaminson, one of the east coast’s largest indoor, electric go kart racing facilities located in South Jersey had a special visitor this past Friday night. Eight-time NHRA Champion and Top Fuel drag racer Tony Schumacher came by to sign autographs, take pictures with guests and race against a few lucky fans. The event was sponsored by the U.S. Army Recruiting Center in Cherry Hill, NJ and two great local radio stations.

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